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Meet Georges Daya

g1 [High-Res]

In case some of you are wondering who took the four pictures I posted in the LG TV giveaway, it’s definitely not me. The guy behind these great pictures and many others is George Daya, a Lebanese talented photographer and a friend of mine.

What inspired me to use his photos as part of the competition was one specific picture he took of a street in Zouk Mikhael on the maritime road. I pass by this street everyday and I never imagined it might actually look decent in a picture. I don’t know how he does it, but I thought it would be nice to share his photos and let people see beautiful scenes from all around Lebanon.

If you want to check out Gio’s albums, click [Here] or visit his FB page [Here].

Martyrs Square


I uploaded this picture on Instagram this morning and many people loved it, so I thought I share it on the blog with a better resolution.

PS: For those interested, you can follow me on Instagram [LeNajib] or/and check more of my pictures [Here].

Beautiful Beirut

Picture taken by stencilage, on Flickr

I’ve been checking for the past 20 minutes amazing pictures of Beirut and Lebanon on They have a thread dedicated to Beirut and it’s updated almost daily with new pictures.

I picked up few of the latest posted pictures. You can check out the rest [Here].

Picture taken by stencilage, on Flickr

Picture by LAXFlyer

Picture Courtesy of Solidere, Beirut.

Humans of Lebanon

Boghos , known as Klashinkof boghos. He has lots of stories to tell about his heroic past , He sells fish in Bourj Hammoud and express his ideas loudly on the streets. Photo by KrikOrian Mher at Burj Hammoud

If you have a shot of a Falafel seller in Bourj Hammoud,
or an old couple on their balcony in Beit Merry,
or a man walking his dog in Dbayeh,
or a fisherman fishing off the coast of Tripoli,
or a young couple walking in Raouche,
or a ski-fanatic getting back from his daily routine in Faraya,
or a farmer working in the Bekaa valley
or anyone doing anything memorable anywhere in Lebanon
send it to :)
Have your photograph sent with a short story behind it to share.

This project is inspired by the work of Brandon Stanton in Humans of New York (HONY).

I think it’s a very nice project as it helps portraying Lebanon’s diversity and discover young talented Lebanese photographers. If you want to submit your photos or know more about Humans of Lebanon, check their facebook page [Here].

Photo by : Chirine Nahas — at Massaya.

Sunset in Lebanon

Picture Taken on the way up to Jeita

Here are few sunset pictures I’ve been taking in the past few weeks from different locations. I hope you enjoy them. You can follow on Instagram (User: LeNajib) for daily pictures from all across Lebanon.

Zaytounay Bay

Mastita, before Jbeil

Marina, Dbayyeh


Scuderia Phoenicia

Scuderia Phoenicia is a Lebanese car spotter who takes pictures of the cool cars he spots and then uploads them onto his Flickr page. He’s got a pretty good collection of cars so far and I’ve realized we’ve got a pretty good amount of 458′s (pictured above) in Lebanon already. Check out the cars he’s spotted [Here]