The Egg is not Getting Demolished (For Now)

An old post from 2011 has somehow re-emerged online where the author is claiming that "the beloved egg-shaped landmark on Martyr's Square is scheduled to be demolished in the coming days". Needless to say, The Egg or the Dome wasn't demolished back then and there are still no official plans to demolish it anytime soon. However, "Solidere had plans since 2004 to demolish the structure straight away and when the way the land was sold…

Present-day Lebanese Descendants of Biblical Canaanites

A recent paper entitled "Continuity and Admixture in the Last Five Millennia of Levantine History from Ancient Canaanite and Present-Day Lebanese Genome Sequences" has proven that more "than 90 percent of the genetic ancestry of modern Lebanese is derived from ancient Canaanites", whereas researchers were able to "sequence the Canaanite genome from the remains of five individuals buried in the ancient port city of Sidon around 3,700 years ago" and then compare the results against…

Baalbeck’s Megalithic Stone Blocks: Ancient Engineering or Aliens?

2 months ago
I spent my Sunday morning reading about Baalbeck’s massive stone blocks and how no one has figured out yet how Romans were able to cut with such precision a 3,000 ton stone, why and how ...

Independence Parade – Lebanon 1971

2 months ago
We had more warplanes and helicopters back in 1971 than we currently have now. Unfortunately, the 12 Mirages that we got from France were never really used due to lack of funds and later sold ...

A Nice Compilation of #OldLebanon Pictures

2 months ago
How did Beirut, Tyre, Jounieh, Taanayel, Beqaa, Tripoli, Nahr el Kalb, Dahr el Baydar, Baalbeck, Bekfaya and many other regions in Lebanon look like between the 1950s and 70s? I just stumbled upon this beautiful ...

A Lebanese Wedding From The 1960s

3 months ago
The Lebanese Heritage shared an old footage showing a Lebanese wedding from the 1960s. No doomsday Zaffe, no dancing floor, no fireworks, no drones, no Ali el Deek, no first dance, no “You can leave ...

Pictures of The “Laziza Grande Brasserie du Levant” Before it Gets Demolished

4 months ago
The Laziza brewery (“Laziza Grande Brasserie du Levant”), which was established in the early 1930s and closed in 2003 is getting demolished to make way for a new project called “Mar Mikhael Village” by renowned ...

Superjus Ad – 1975

5 months ago
Hot (Lebanese?) girls in bikinis tanning and drinking Superjus. I wonder how will people perceive such an ad if it was done nowadays? Funnily enough, I was checking the comments on OldBeirut’s FB page and ...

Al Kassouf Grand Hotel

7 months ago
Check out these beautiful shots that I took from inside the iconic Al Kassouf Hotel in Shweir, which was built in the 1930s and damaged during the war. According to a 2013 post on, ...

Lebanon at the Disco Dance Finals in 1980

9 months ago
I have no idea how my friend Mark dug out this video but it’s pretty cool. There was a Lebanese participant at the the 1980 Disco Dance World Finals called Henri Daou. I have no ...