The Awesome Story Behind Moussa Castle

Even though I've been to Moussa Castle several times, I had no idea that the man who built it was still alive and for some reason never had the curiosity to look him up. Unfortunately, Moussa Maamari passed away yesterday leaving behind a castle that has become a national landmark and one of most popular touristic sites in the Shouf area and all of Lebanon. Where is Moussa Castle located? The castle is situated in…

In Pictures: Abandoned Windsor Hotel – Aley

Our friend and talented photographer Jad Ghorayeb paid a visit to yet another abandoned hotel in Lebanon, the Windsor Hotel in Aley. Hotel Windsor was built by J. and W. Takla, and officially opened in 1924. The historic Hotel Windsor still commands attention and comprises a solid structure which survived well over the years of turmoil. It has been sadly abandoned and neglected years ago. Here's how it looked like and below are recent pictures…

Pictures from the Lebanese War by Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Bill Foley

4 months ago
I’m always on the lookout for pictures from the Lebanese Civil war and my latest finding is Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Bill Foley. I remember seeing a couple of Foley pictures online in past years but ...

A Saudi Warning to Lebanon from 1967

4 months ago
OldBeyrouth shared yesterday an excerpt from an article published in 1967 depicting the reactions of Lebanese officials following a Saudi warning. The warning apparently came after a Lebanese newspapers attacked the Kingdom but the Lebanese ...

Back when a Full Ski Day Used to Cost 25 Liras

4 months ago
I found this old poster on Save Beirut Heritage’s FB page taken from the Daily Star and it dates back to January 15 1966. The poster is by Kurban Tours (not sure if it’s the ...

When Louis Armstrong Visited Beirut in 1959

5 months ago
Famous American trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong, who’s considered as one of the finest jazz musicians of all time, apparently visited Beirut in 1959 and performed at the UNESCO Theater. Armstrong was on a Middle ...

In Pictures: Ibrahim Shaker Palace – Ras Al Jabal / Aley

6 months ago
Saudi business magnate Ibrahim Shaker had his villa built in one of the most strategic locations in Aley in the 1950s. Shaker was a business pioneer in Saudi Arabia and a member of the Administrative ...

In Pictures: Abandoned Amriyeh Hotel

6 months ago
Amriyeh Hotel was once one of Lebanon’s biggest hotels and a touristic hot spot. It was owned by Kayssar Amer and had its own theater and cinema. The hotel was located at Bekfaya’s entrance on ...
Old Lebanon

Old 1957 Footage of Lebanon

6 months ago
The Lebanese Heritage FB page shared a short video of a 1957 journey by German journalists to Beirut, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq. The video shows parts of Beirut, the Cedars, Baalbeck and aerial views ...

In Pictures: Abandoned Beidas Villa – Bhamdoun

7 months ago
Our friend Jad Ghorayeb paid a visit to the Beidas Villa in Bhamdoun this past weekend and shared those awesome shots of the abandoned villa. The owner was a Palestinian Lebanese banker called Yousef Beidas, ...