Mathieu: Best Crêpes in Mar Mikhael

I love crêpes and I'm always looking for new crepe places to try in Beirut. Mathieu opened earlier this year in Mar Mikhael a block from EDL and makes some of the best crepes I've had in Beirut. It's a small nicely decorated shop with a wide variety of crepes and is perfect for a quick bite, after-drinks snack or for delivery. Most crêpe pop-up shops here focus on Nutella & sweet crepes but Mathieu's…

Movie Review: “The Insult” by Ziad Doueiri

The Insult is about a verbal dispute between Toni Hanna , a Lebanese Christian mechanic and survivor of the 1976 Damour Massacre and Yasser , a Palestinian refugee living in camps and working as a foreman in Toni's neighborhood. The dispute quickly turns into a confrontation between the two men when Yasser punches Tony Hard over nasty anti-Palestinian talks and soon escalates into a nationwide crisis and a highly publicized trial that reflects the deep…

8 Cool Samsung Galaxy S8 Features You Should Be Using

3 months ago
I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for over a month now and it’s an absolute stunner inside out. Whether it’s the Infinite display, the slick design, the screen quality, the processor, the camera, the UI, ...
Movies & Television

Movie Review: Dunkirk Review [2017]

4 months ago
“Dunkirk” is labeled as a war film but it’s very different from every war film I’ve seen in the past decade. There’s barely any dialogue, no emotions, no flashbacks, no character backstories, no war rooms ...

Review: Huawei Mate 9 Pro

5 months ago
I’ve been using the Mate 9 Pro for almost two months now and I can easily say that it’s Huawei’s best smartphone to date. Looking back at my disappointing Mate 8 experience a year ago, ...
Movies & Television

Movie Review: Wonder Woman [2017]

6 months ago
I’m reading all these reviews online and it’s quite shocking to see Wonder Woman get 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Batman vs. Superman only got 28%. Here’s a quick review of the movie written by ...

Movie Review: King Arthur “Legend of the Sword”

7 months ago
“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is the newest in a long line of renditions portraying the life of famous King Arthur of Camelot, with King Arthur played by “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam. ...

Movie Review: Logan [2017]

9 months ago
Finally an X-men movie done right! Logan is easily the best Wolferine film and probably the best X-men film as well. We can’t tell which part of the X-Men series “Logan” follows but we don’t ...

Movie Review: Kong Skull Island [2017]

9 months ago
If you’ve seen the Kong Skull Island trailer, you probably felt it was awesomely brutal and action-packed. Well, wait till you see the entire movie… I went to the special screening of Kong Skull Island ...

Movie Review: Fist Fight [2017]

9 months ago
Is there any student who wouldn’t want to see their school or university teachers get into a fight in the parking lot at the last day of school? “Fist Fight” is about two teachers who ...