A Lavish Sunday Buffet at The Four Seasons Beirut

I love the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. It’s definitely one of my favorite hotels in the capital. It seems that I always keep coming back for their amazing breakfast, but sometimes, I just pass by to have their delicious hot chocolate and smoothies in the hotel lounge as I wait for traffic to ease out of Beirut. The true gem for me though, is their Sunday Buffet Lunch. I’ve had the buffet lunch on…

Grand Hills Hotel & Spa: Luxury in The Mountains

I’ve been to so many magical weddings and memorable events at the Grand Hills Hotel overlooking Beirut in Broumana over the years. However, it wasn’t till recently that I actually spent a weekend up there. I was quite lucky too, since the entire complex has been recently refurbished. The Grand Hills Hotel is a massive luxury hotel and resort nestled on a hilltop in the picturesque town of Broumana just a 30-minute drive from Beirut.…

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: Fair Price, Simple Setup & Excellent Video Quality

10 months ago
When I moved in to my new apartment three years ago, the first thing I looked for was an indoor surveillance camera to keep an eye to keep a closer eye on things at home, ...

Nuts The Movie: Lebanese Cinema off to an Encouraging Start in 2017

11 months ago
I attended earlier today the press screening of the Lebanese Movie “Nuts” at Empire Premiere in Sodeco and it’s by far better than the lousy movies that been popping left and right, the likes of ...

Trying Zaatar W Zeit’s New Online Delivery App

1 year ago
I’m really glad ZWZ has finally released a new mobile app for delivery. I order frequently from Zaatar W Zeit and I find it way more convenient to place an order online rather than call, ...

A Bunch of Awesome & Untouched Shots Taken With the Huawei P9 Dual-Lens Leica Camera

1 year ago
The Huawei P9 smartphone is all about the camera. It’s decent looking phone with a rather sluggish software but its Leica-branded dual-lens camera is one of the best I’ve seen so far and makes the ...

209LebaneseWine.com: An Online Marketplace Dedicated to Lebanese Wines

1 year ago
Lebanese wines have been making headlines all around the world and more and more people are praising the energy and commitment of wine-makers in Lebanon and more importantly the quality of our wines. Back in ...

Hands-on the iPhone 7 Plus

1 year ago
Finally, I got my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m usually first to get a newly released device, but this time, there were lots of delays from Apple’s online store on the 7 Plus ...

When an Apple Guy Switches from iPhone to Android (Samsung S7 Edge)

1 year ago
Few month ago, I’ve put aside my iPhone and took on the challenge of switching completely to Android for a 3 month period, using the newly released (back then) Samsung S7 Edge. It has been an ...

My Dinner with Lebanese Michelin-Starred Chef Greg Maalouf at Liza in Achrafieh

1 year ago
Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of the most easily recognized and beloved food around the world. Highly diverse Mezza options, exceptionally healthy ingredients and cooking methods, as well as the fact that the ...