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Maameltein Sex Ring: Victims Recount Horrific Stories of Rape, Abuse & Torture

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The Lebanese security forces dismantled yesterday the country’s largest known sex trafficking ring that was operating in Maameltein, a neighborhood in Jounieh also considered as Lebanon’s red-light district. The police freed around 75 Syrian female sex slaves, two of which might have been minors. The human and sex trafficking network has been operating for at least 10 years and was busted after 5 women managed to escape and inform the authorities.

The presence of sex rings in Lebanon is no surprise but it’s quite shocking that they’ve been operating for 10 years in a highly suspicious area and were never caught. What’s even more shocking are the horrific stories of rape, abuse and torture that were told by the freed girls to local TVs and websites.

LBCI shared one testimony while Legal-Agenda mentioned more than 5 stories. Most of these women lost their families in Syria and came to Lebanon looking for a new life but were instead tricked and dragged into prostitution in the worst possible ways.

Sally is 27 years old and has been a sex slave for almost 3 years. She fell for a Syrian man who promised to marry her but then took her to a whorehouse in Maameltein where she got locked up, abused and tortured repeatedly. Another girl called Nagham thought she was going to work at a pub before realizing she’s becoming a sex slave. Nagham had been working for 2 weeks and was forced to eat one cucumber per day only to lose weight as she was told her body wasn’t “appealing” to customers.

The worst part is that these poor women underwent nearly 200 abortions according to the detained doctor, or should I say butcher, and some of the women almost died in the process.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of human and sex trafficking networks in Lebanon and Syrian refugees, mainly children and women, are the most vulnerable to violence and sexual abuse. Many women who are unable to find work are subjected to regular sexual harassment or forced into prostitution. A lot of them simply prostitute themselves for money and aid or send their children to work on the streets.

Two weeks ago, a man confessed to having purchased four children, “two five year old twin girls, a boy about one year and several months, and his eight-year old bigger brother”, near Ramlet el Baida beach recently from a stressed-out Syrian woman for $600. The kids had lost their parents during the war and the woman was no longer able to take care of them. Luckily for the kids, they are being well taken care of but this just gives you an idea of what Syrian refugee children are going through.

We all hear horror stories from Syria but the scale of exploitation faced by Syrian refugees in Lebanon is dangerously high and the authorities have yet to regulate their presence and make them feel protected and safe, especially the families. Lebanon might collapse any day under the weight of the massive influx of Syrian refugees and has to manage in a better way the Syrian crisis starting with refugee children and women abuse.

TransFocus: Lebanon’s First Transgender Festival

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Picture from NowLebanon

According to the Lebanese Law now, you are either male or female.

TransFocus is the first festival in Lebanon that explores the sub-culture, the challenges, and the hopes of the transgender community of the country. Yesterday at Minus 1, a new art space perched right in the middle of Ashrafieh, two movies – TransAmerica and Tomboy – were screened and a series of heated debates and workshops were organized with AUB’s Faysal al-Kak. What came out of an otherwise rich and successful afternoon was a portrait of a difficult situation for a minority too often abused and pushed to the margins of society.

The topic is complex, so before divulging more details, a few clarifications on terminology are needed. Bekhsoos, a “feminist and queer Arab magazine,” offers a useful dictionary:

Sex: Assigned at birth, either male or female (“the binary system”), based on bodily characteristics like chromosomes, hormones, and internal and external reproductive organs.

Gender (gender identity): The sex that one identifies with internally. Transgender individuals usually are of a different bodily sex.

Sexual orientation: An individual’s attraction (physical, emotional, romantic, spiritual) to another. Gender identity and sexual orientation are separate; a male-to-female or female-to-male person could be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Transgender: Umbrella term for individuals whose gender identity differs from that assigned to them at birth. It spans from transsexuals to cross-dressers, bi-genders, and other gender-variant people. Transgender individuals may or may not choose to surgically and/or hormonally alter their bodies.

Transsexual: This is not an umbrella term, and usually refers to individuals who plan to transition, or are in the process of transitioning, through surgery or hormone therapy. [NowLebanon]

Father Mansour Labaki accused of sexually abusing three minors

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Apparently the priest is a well-known figure in Lebanon. He is the founder of a spiritual movement called Lo Tedhal, is the author of several books and composed famous hymns. After this scandal though, we won’t be hearing much about him as he will be banned from participating in media and public appearances.

A Lebanese Maronite priest, Father Mansour Labaki, was charged by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with sexually abusing three minors and sentenced to a “life of penitence,” French magazine La Croix reported. According to the Sunday report, the Vatican office charged Labaki on June 19 with the sexual offenses. Labaki, a 73-year-old priest, was “sentenced to a life of prayer and penitence,” and will be banned from exercising his ecclesiastical duties. [NowLebanon]

Ania Lisewska coming to Lebanon

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Ania is a Polish woman who has reportedly vowed to travel to every city across the world in a quest to sleep with 100,000 men. She’s planning to visit every city in Poland before going on a world tour, including a stop in Beirut. In fact and according to Annahar, she got the approval to visit Lebanon and do her thing as long as she doesn’t violate any laws.

Obviously this girl is not thinking clearly, because aside from the fact that wanting to have sex with 100,000 is a disturbing idea, she will need some 20 years non-stop to achieve her goal.

Either way, check out Sallim Allawzi’s funny take on the Lebanese who will agree to have sex with Ania, and Elie Marouni’s epic answer:

Taybé Lool!

Here’s a link to her [website] for those interested.

Update: Ania was denied a VISA to Lebanon by the local authorities.

Meet Sandrine Atallah: Lebanon’s first sexologist

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You have to admire Sandrine for her courage to open such a clinic in Lebanon. We can only hope sex or talking about sex will stop being a taboo in Lebanon but it still needs time. Here’s another link to an interview 3 years ago with Dr. Atallah where she shares some of her clients’ stories.

Talking about sex is still “taboo” in our society, Atallah tells NOW. “At first, my friends and relatives did not take me seriously and thought I would not make it and would not work within my specialty field.” She explains that sexual health “is a state of integration and complementarity between the organic, psychological, mental, and social factors of sex. Accordingly, a psychotherapist sometimes plays the role of an expert in sexology. This role is, at other times, played by a gynecologist who makes minor mistakes with patients, hence the need at the outset to hold awareness-raising lectures on sexual health with the participation of gynecologists so that they would know this specialization exists in Lebanon.”

Dr. Atallah noted a drastic “transformation” in her clinic after her televised appearance on LBC show “Lezim Taarif” (You Should Know) in 2010. “I used to get couples with a lukewarm sex life or men with premature ejaculation problems,” explains Atallah. “Yet after my media appearance, people started to acknowledge sexual health and my clinic was flooded with people with different sexual problems than the variety I used to see before. I started welcoming both old and young people. More gays and lesbians are now coming and the nature of sexual consultations has changed.” [Link]

Razan Maghrabi sex scandal

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I was expecting some sex movie or nude scenes but instead all I got was some dirty talk. It is quite funny how Arabs consider such silly things as scandalous. Also, I had no clue Razan Maghrabi was Lebanese.

As a result of this “scandal”, Razan has encountered a nervous breakdown. [Link]