Holidays Tourists Spending Down by 30% in 2017, NYE Parties Booking Ratio Up to 80%

The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs & Pastries in Lebanon stated a week ago that spending during the holidays has dropped by 30 to 40% this year when compared to last year. He did mention ​الإنفاق السياحي​ but then continued to say that the purchasing power has dropped significantly for Lebanese citizens due to the economic crisis we're currently in, so I'm guessing he means the overall spending during the holidays not just…

TSC Signature Closed at the Beirut Souks

I've been hearing rumors for quite some time that TSC is closing down at the souks and it just happened. TSC employees were protesting for the past couple of weeks in front of the store for not getting paid and yesterday they protested in front of the Kuwaiti embassy. I never really liked TSC Signature and in the last few months, they barely had any products on display. The only good thing about it was…

Take a Sneak Peek into ABC Verdun’s Garden

9 months ago
Ever since I shared exclusive pictures of ABC Verdun, I had many ask me if there’s any greenery or gardens inside the mall, especially that green areas have a positive impact on the happiness of ...

ABC Verdun Officially Opening on July 28

10 months ago
It’s official! ABC Verdun will open on July 28. I’ve shared early pictures during a sneak peek visit and the video showing how it should look like. Here are some more details on Beirut’s hottest ...

Here’s how ABC Verdun Should Look Like

11 months ago
I shared few exclusive pictures from inside ABC Verdun a couple of months ago and ABC has revealed today a video showing how its newest mall will look like. Here’s what we know about ABC ...

Hilarious and Bizarre OLX Listings

1 year ago
OLX is the best place to find funny, bizarre and WTF listings, similar to what you usually see on Craigslist. To be honest, it’s a major turn-off if you’re serious about selling some product but ...

An Exclusive Sneak Peek into ABC Verdun, Beirut’s Newest Mall

1 year ago
Last week, I was able to get into the new ABC in Verdun. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek into what’s in store in the 50,000 SQM complex. I was astonished to ...

How To Not Get Financially Ruined This Holiday Season

1 year ago
December is a month full of holidays, delicious dinners and endless Christmas deals and offers. It’s also a month where streets are in a perpetual state of traffic and airport and hotel bookings are close ...

Christmas Shopping Made Easy and Delivered To Your Door with Raghunter

1 year ago
The running joke around this time of the year is the extreme amount of traffic, even for Beirut’s elevated standards of unusual congestion and it will only get worse this coming week. If you’re like ...
Alcohol An Online Marketplace Dedicated to Lebanese Wines

1 year ago
Lebanese wines have been making headlines all around the world and more and more people are praising the energy and commitment of wine-makers in Lebanon and more importantly the quality of our wines. Back in ...