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Little Abbas’ Father Apprehended By The Lebanese Police

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Based on reports from Al-Jadeed and LBCI, the security forces have identified the people behind the video that went viral earlier today and was showing a young kid beating another child and being encouraged by his parents. Moreover, LBCI just reported that the Internal Security Forces’ cyber crimes bureau raided the al-Raml al-Ali area in Dahieh to arrest the father of the minor Abbas. T.

This is great news and I am glad this video went viral and these people were arrested. I don’t get if it was the father or some relative or a total stranger who did this, they must be punished accordingly because this is a crime against an innocent child.

Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Asks Schools To Respect Religious Freedom

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This statement comes one month after the Sabis controversy and clearly states that Sabis School has to amend its regulations and cannot by law ban the display of religious symbols. Personally speaking, I’d rather see secular schools in Lebanon and I wish Lebanese students would learn to co-exist away from religious and political considerations. However, the problem with Sabis is that it made an exception for veils which doesn’t make sense coming from a secular school.

Education Minister Elias Bou Saab called on Lebanese educational institutions Thursday to respect freedom of expression and religious practice, a month after SABIS School announced new regulations banning crosses while allowing hijab.

“We call on… public and private schools…to adhere to the content of Articles 9 and 10 of the Lebanese Constitution,” Bou Saab’s statement said, “by not issuing any regulations, decisions or teachings that could violate the [students’] freedom of religion.” [DailyStar]

Batroun Khallia A7la: Beach Clean Up Campaign

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A group of young Lebanese have started an initiative “Batroun Khalia A7la” aimed at keeping beaches in Batroun clean. They’ve already cleaned with the help of volunteers the Ghleyghile beach and gathered over 40 trash bags that included a TV, some car wheels, used baby diapers among other things. I uploaded before and after pictures from their Facebook page.

This Sunday, they are organizing another beach clean up at BlueBay Beach in Batroun as well. You can meet them at 7 am there and help them with the cleaning process. Everyone is more than welcome to join!

I love these initiatives and I wish people from every area in Lebanon would volunteer to keep their city clean.


Between The World Cup And Israel’s Military Offensive Against Gaza

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Ever since Israel started its offensive against Gaza few days ago, a lot of people have been showing their support for the Palestinian people while some of them have been bashing football fans for not caring enough about Gaza and cheering for their teams. “How could you watch the World Cup while children are dying?” and “Shame on you for ignoring the massacres on Palestine” are some of the messages I got and I couldn’t but laugh at them.

We all condemn what’s happening in Gaza and what’s been happening for the past 30 years, as we condemn the hundreds of innocent civilians killed in the Syrian conflict everyday, and in Iraq and Yemen and anywhere there’s a conflict. However, as much as some Lebanese and Arabs feel concerned with what’s happening in neighboring countries, there’s nothing we can do to help even if we wanted to, and the truth is we need help in Lebanon more than any other country (except Palestine maybe). Moreover, if you truly wish to help Palestinians, do so on a daily basis and don’t just remember them during wars and start spreading pictures of dead babies and burned bodies on Facebook.

Going back few months from now, innocent people were dying in Tripoli (In Lebanon of course) due to sectarian fights yet a lot of people who are sharing Gaza posts and pictures all over the internet didn’t feel that concerned with what’s happening. A lot of Lebanese as well don’t feel concerned with the suicide bombings in Dahieh and Beirut’s suburbs, without forgetting the 1 Million+ Syrian refugees suffering in Lebanon.

To sum things up, stop pretending to care about Gaza children if you’ve just realized that they are suffering, stop telling people not to watch the World Cup because people are dying in Palestine and stop sharing graphic images to get people’s attention. If anything, start caring about your country more and let people enjoy their lives the way they see it appropriate.

Lebanese Man Sentenced To 9 Months In Prison For Beating And Torturing His Wife

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wife Tamara Harisi and her baby daughter

He should be jailed for 9 years not just 9 months but it’s better than nothing. However, I wonder who will protect the wife once the guy is freed from prison because even if she divorces him, he might still go after her. After all, he didn’t just beat her but he even tried to set her on fire but his lighter didn’t work fortunately.

Here’s what Tamara had to say [Video].

A husband that beat his wife to within an inch of her life was fined LL20 million and given nine months in prison, Lebanese women’s rights organization Kafa announced Tuesday, the latest in a number of brutal cases involving spouse abuse.

Hussein Ftouni, 30, tortured his 22-year-old wife Tamara Harisi for hours June 7, leaving her with severe bruises all over her face and body.

The case is the first example of the courts using a new law passed in April aimed at protecting women from domestic violence, but Maya Ammar, a legal adviser for Kafa (Enough), told The Daily Star that the sentence was not enough for the crime committed. [DailyStar]

Middle Eastern Artist Saint Hoax Uses Disney Princesses In Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

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ariel princest diaries

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, presumably from Lebanon. He/She came up recently with a series of disturbing posters called “Princest Diairies” to highlight the fact that many sexual abuse victims are abused by their own family members. For that purpose, she used Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel because she felt that it’s a visual language that her targeted audience would be attracted to.

The campaign has gone viral online and was featured on [Time], [HuffingtonPost], [NYDailyNews] and others.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to integrate the Disney characters. You can check out other ads and campaigns by Saint Hoax on [Facebook] and [Here].

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist. Infatuated by the element of POP, Hoax works with both tangible and digital mediums to recreate a world based on visual lies. Combining pop art with tyrants and world leaders became Saint Hoax’s signature.
POPlitical Infatuation : Preface
History is defined as the study of past events. I heard about the victorious defeats, the malicious affairs and the all night long wars.
I read about the dictators, fantasized about the monarchs and lived below the tyrants. I opened my assigned history book
and I realized that page 1 is a carbon copy of page 10. While page 10 is a mere reflection of page 20. An arti-vicious cycle of no trial, just error. And the only way to remain entertained is by rewriting history through visual lies. One hoax after the other.

Thanks Natasha!

Volvo’s Only The Lonely Project: A Social Experiment On The Streets Of Beirut

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photo (5) Take a stand! Pedestrian cross walk in Mar Mikhail

If you happen to be passing by Mar Mikhail and notice a blue pedestrian stand or a yellow taxi stand, these are part of the #OnlyTheLonely project that was launched by Volvo with the eventual collaboration of the awesome LiveLoveBeirut team. Only the Lonely Project is basically a social experiment to discover how certain actions and behaviors could change by installing booths on certain streets in Lebanon.

The aim is to let the Lebanese people think for themselves and not follow the rest of the crowd. If you are used to parking your car on the pedestrian crosswalk or stand, stop doing so and take a step in the right direction. If you are used to giving your car to the reckless valet parking companies, take some time to find the nearest parking lot and walk to your destination. If you are used to crossing red lights, stop doing so even if the assholes behind you start honking at you. There are so many baby steps that our society can take to improve the way things are and become conscious of everything happening around us.


I don’t think I need to elaborate further on the initiative itself, as the ads are brilliantly made and speak for themselves, but what’s great about this experiment is that it encourages people to take part in it through the various social media channels and not just relay a message to the crowds. Mr. Lonely is after all the face of the real minority in this country, the ones that stand in line, respect the traffic lights, and don’t go the wrong way and that’s why this minority needs to step out and be an example for others to follow.

How can you participate in this experiment?

There are several interactive stands around the city of Beirut that you can see on the map below. All you need to do is actually use them whenever you are near, and share your experience by using the hashtah #onlythelonely on Twitter and Instagram. By doing so, you would be adding your voice to thousands of other Lebanese and helping Live Love Beirut share a petition with the government to request the necessary tools for this new direction.

More importantly though, you would be setting an example for everyone around you and encouraging them to take the right road and stop following what others are doing. So go to the nearest stand, get involved in the experiment and share it for all of us to see it! I will be gladly sharing all the videos and pictures I get from the blog readers.

map Map is on the website [Here]

You can read more about the project [Here] and see the lonely moments shared by some people.


Dekkenet El Balad Offering Free Diplomas + List Of The Most Corrupt Public Institutions

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Since it’s the Lebanese official exams’ season, Dekkenet el Balad decided to hit the streets and distribute free Brevet and Baccalaureate diplomas for those interested. Moreover, they published on their website the below “Champions of Corruption” list showing where most of the bribes are taking place in Lebanon.

It’s great to see this initiative picking up and as mentioned on previous occasions, the only way to fight corruption in Lebanon is by reporting and exposing people involved in these acts of bribery and it’s everyone’s duty to get involved in this campaign La Nsakkir el Dekkene once and for all.


The Lebanese Association For Democratic Elections (LADE) Launches Mobile App to Monitor Elections

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The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, also known as LADE, is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws.

Knowing that a lot of violations occur during the Lebanese elections (like dead people voting for example), and that the next parliament elections should take place in 6 months time, LADE launched this week a mobile app which will allow citizens to have access to elections-related information, monitor the polls and more importantly register violations and report them to LADE observers.

Throughout this app, LADE observers will be capable of monitoring and registering a larger number of violations thus improving the accuracy of the electoral process and democracy evaluation. Moreover, the violations, once verified, will automatically appear on an interactive map on LADE’s website. Moreover, citizens will have a clearer image of the electoral process, whether in terms of the percentage of participation, the percentage of males vs females in districts etc …

For example, LADE has found out that 18 out of 26 districts in Lebanon have a female majority, and that women form more than half of the voters but their representation is no more than 2% in the parliament. These numbers should incite women to join the electoral battle and get more involved in the political life.

The app is available for download on the [AppStore] and [Android].