Alex Riachy Pulling 12-Ton Trucks with his Hair

I'm sure most of you have heard about Chamchoum. Well Alex Riachy is Chamcoum's son, he's well known for his superhuman stunts which include dragging trucks with his ponytail and breaking large rocks with his hands among other things. Alex was apparently taking part in some Brazilian show called P├ónico na Band and managed to pull trucks weighing 12 tons with his ponytail. Someone should ask him what's his secret? Is it some secret shampoo…

Lebanese Joe Zgheib Unlucky Run at Ninja Warrior

I stumbled upon this video of a Lebanese Parkour athlete called Joe Zgheib who was taking part presumably in Ninja Warrior Arabia. Joe crossed all the obstacles quite easily and slipped just as he was about to hit the bell and got disqualified. I don't remember ever seeing someone fail at this stage of the race. He's so unlucky!

Kickass Lebanese Wrestling Championship on Sunday 16th of July 2017

1 week ago
If you love wrestling, we have some pretty cool competitions that take place every summer in Lebanon. The ones I’ve heard of in the past years took place in Mayrouba, Saida, Jourit el Termoss and ...

Michael Haddad Wants to Conquer the North Pole!

2 weeks ago
Michael Haddad is a paralyzed professional athlete who is breaking all barriers and accomplishing the unthinkable for a person who has lost control of 75% of his body. Michael is always off to a new ...

Lebanon is Hosting The 2017 FIBA Asian Cup But No One’s Funding it?

2 weeks ago
Lebanon is supposedly hosting the 2017 FIBA Asian Cup from August 8 till August 20, which is less than a month away but the organizers are still struggling to acquire the necessary funds needed to ...

Trail-runner Patrick Vaughan Sets new Record for the Lebanon Mountain Trail

1 month ago
The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is the longest hiking trail in Lebanon as it pretty much covers the whole country. It extends from Kobayat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, a ...

Two Lebanese MMA Fighters Made it To The 2017 MMA Asian Championships Finals!

1 month ago
Update [16/06/2017]: We won a gold! [Source] Imad Howayek and Alexander Chaddad have secured medals for Lebanon at The 2017 MMA Asian Championships by qualifying to the finals. Howayek defeated a fighter from Kazakhstan ...

The Story Behind Lebanon’s Harley Davidson Club: When Fighters Became Bikers

1 month ago
I just finished watching Al Jazeera’s 47-minute long report on Lebanon’s Harley-Davidson Club, and how it was founded by four bikers who all used to fight on different sides in the Lebanese civil war. George ...

We’re Having a Lebanese Arm Wrestling Championship on June 18

1 month ago
A Lebanese Arm Wrestling championship, the first of its kind in Lebanon (according to the organizers), will kick off on Sunday June 18th at Sassine Square in Achrafieh. This is not some competition between villages ...

Riyadi & Homentmen Basketball Fans Captured Singing Disgusting Chants

2 months ago
“Armane Armane ya 3****t choulli jebak choulli jebak 3a Beirut” “Jaroudi 3*****te Shaker ya l***i Ha ntoj al riyadi Ya ekhwet al m*****ke” Disgusting chants, disgusting fans and a disgusting finale. I saw the most ...