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Red Bull Awakens the Jeita Grotto!

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Watch Duncan Zuur showing off his wakeboarding skills inside Jeita’s Grotto. Crazy Stuff from Duncan and Red Bull!

Under the name “Red Bull Awaken the Grotto”, the famous Dutch wakeboarder performed incredible wakeboarding tricks inside the grotto’s lower chamber! This unique ride, held in the grotto for the first time, took place during Zuur’s visit to Lebanon. His stunts included jumps and slides off a boat ramp, which was especially set up in the water.

Duncan Zuur lifestyle

Lebanese MMA Fighter Mark Tanios Training At Montreal’s Tristar Gym

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Left to Right: Georges St. Pierre, Mark Tanios, Coach Feras Zahabi via Arabsmma

The 40-day training camp Mark Tanios attended was supervised by Feras Zahabi, the trainer of the UFC Champion Georges St Pierre.

As most of you already know, Wissam Abi Nader (coach of fighters such as Silvester Saba, Elie el Rayess, Georges Eid and other illustrious fighters) has struck up an affiliation with the infamous Tri-Star gym in Montreal, home to some of the world’s best coaches and UFC stars.

One of the interesting and exciting parts of this collaboration is the agreement to send fighters between the two camps in Lebanon and Canada to allow for fighters to be exposed to new environments, sparring partners and training methods in an effort to develop more rounded warriors. This program has now yielded its first success! [Link]

Lebanese Bayern Munich Fans vs. Manchester United Fans Football Tweetup

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We will be playing with the World Cup 2014 Ball – The Brazuca courtesy of Adidas

I’ve been playing and watching Football for more than 15 years now. I follow the FIFA World Cup (Men and Women), Euro Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Champions League. My favorite leagues are the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga. My all-time favorite team is Bayern Munich and I support the German team in the World Cup.

I also enjoy live-tweeting during football games and I’ve noticed lately that there are fan clubs being formed in Lebanon, some of them which are very active like the Manchester United one, so I talked with some of them and decided to organize a friendly Football game between ManUnited fans and BayernMunich fans next week.

I will be picking the teams with a friend of mine this time as we’re organizing the whole thing, but if it works out then we’ll definitely plan another Football tweetup and figure out a way to let other people join in. Of course everyone’s welcome to join as a lot of tweeps are coming just to watch the game and have fun. The game is a friendly one but we will be playing seriously and for the win as the rivalry between Bayern Munich Fans and Manchester United goes way back.

To make things even better, we will be the first to play with the World Cup 2014 official ball, the Brazuca that was unveiled few days ago by Adidas.

I got the New Messi Shoes (Adizero F50 Trx FG) 3 months back and I’m loving them! Hopefully they’ll help me make my team win

PS: I will tweet the place and time in the next few days and you can follow me or the hashtag #MUFCvsFCBTweetup for further updates.

Lebanon’s Win Against Korea Among The Six Best FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifiers

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Out of the 800 qualifiers played over two and a half years, FIFA picked 6 games as the best qualifiers from the road to Brazil, and Lebanon’s awesome victory over Korea in 2011 was one of them.

Here are the other 5 games chosen by FIFA:

American Samoa 2-1 Tonga, 22 November 2011
Colombia 3-3 Chile, 11 October 2013
Ghana 6-1 Egypt, 15 October 2013
Panama 2-3 USA, 15 October 2013
Sweden 2-3 Portugal, 19 November 2013

Lebanese-Swedish Football Player Zackarias Faour Joins Manchester City

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Zacharias Faour is only 15 years old and has already been dubbed as the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus were interested in him but he ended up signing with Manchester City. If you are not a Football fan and don’t know who Ibrahimovic is, he’s one of the most talented Football players in the world and some of his goals are unbelievable, specially this one against England.

According to Lebanese Blogger Figo29 who originally posted about this young talent, Zacharias Faour has Lebanese Origins (His Father is Lebanese) and can play for either Lebanon or Sweden.

ManCity ranked Faour as one of the world’s best players who were born in 1998, so let’s wish him the best of luck and hope he becomes as good or even better than Ibra.

Hekmeh Is Back!

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Sagesse was going through difficult times in the past few month and the prestigious Beiruti team was on the verge of a very dangerous fallout. Fortunately though, an agreement was finally reached tonight between the various parties in the presence of Bishop Boulos Matar (Sagesse belongs to the Maronite Bishopric in Beirut).

Based on the LBC Report above and this article, Nadim Hakim will be Sagesse’s president, Jean Hemmam will resign and Joseph Abdel Massih will be the new secretary general. Elie Mechantaf is still in the management and will handle the Basketball Committee for Sagesse.

This is great news for the players and the Hekmeh fans!


Even Riyadi fans expressed their joy over the agreement reached. Speaking of which, Riyadi (Sporting Beirut) just won the Houssameddine el Hariri tournament by beating Mouttahed in the final game.


Al-Riyadi Beirut The Team To Beat This Year

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I’ve been watching some of the Houssam Eddin Hariri Tournament games in the past week and the Riyadi team, which I never supported to be honest, is way ahead of the competition this year. I know they’ve been dominant for years but this year’s lineup is unstoppable when compared to the other teams, specially the 21-year-old shooting guard Ahmad Ibrahim who joined Riyadi last year.

The other teams that might threaten Riyadi this year are Amchit and Mouttahed. Both have strong lineups and Mouttahed has a great coach (Joe Moujaess). As far as Hekmeh is concerned, their problems are far from over and I am afraid we might not see a Sagesse team this year.

Here’s the list of the key players at Riyadi this year:
– Ismail Ahmad
– Jean Abdel Nour
– Ahmad Ibrahim
– Roy Samaha
– Ali Haidar
– Amir Saoud
– Miguel Martinez
– Omar Turk
– Izzat Kaissi
– Wael Arakji
– Ali Mahmoud

Why Wasn’t The Iran-Lebanon Football Game Postponed Today?

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The two explosions that rocked the area of Jnah in Beirut today were directed against the Iranian embassy and ended up killing 25 people and injuring hundreds, but that wasn’t enough to postpone the planned game between Iran and Lebanon as part of the 2015 AFC Asian Cup. In fact, the game was played without fans and Lebanon lost by 4 goals to 1 against the Iranian team.

How can one keep a football game ongoing after a tragedy like the one we’ve witnessed today? It’s one thing not to over-react and freak out after a bombing since we unfortunately “got used” to them, but asking the Lebanese and Iranian teams to play an Asian qualifier a couple of hours after the explosion is immoral and unacceptable!

Iran’s head coach Carlos Queiroz said the atmosphere was not suitable for the match and said it should be canceled.