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Beirut On Ice 2014 – Ice Skating at City Mall Dora

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I was passing by City Mall a couple of weeks back and I noticed there’s an ice skating rink on the last floor. The ice rink is pretty big and could fit up to 60-70 people maybe. There are trainers to help out the first timers and trust me you will need one otherwise you will keep falling down. I remember when I first tried ice skating long time ago in the huge ice rink near Dream Park in Zouk Mosbeh, I kept hurting (my ass and back) for a couple of days after.

The entrance is for 25,000 LL but there are special discounts for students and groups. You can check out more information [Here].


What Happened With Loren Woods In the Riyadi – Champville Basketball Game

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Loren Woods, a former NBA player and currently playing with Riyadi Beirut, got into a fight with two Champville players in the last game that opposed them. The fight was cut out from the full game video uploaded by LBCI but put back on Ghayyath’s show “Inside Game”. To begin with, I am glad LBCI kept the fight online for all us to see and I think they should do the same to any incident that takes place in Basketball games to let the viewers decide for themselves.

As for Loren Woods’ reaction after the game ended, such things happen even in the NBA and I do believe he should be fined or stopped for a game but only if the player who committed the flagrant foul against him is stopped as well because that foul was really nasty and could have injured the other player. If the game was still running, they should have simply ejected both players and continued the game.

On a last note, what I saw in the video is Woods pushing a couple of players and not really a fight, so I don’t think we should make a big deal out of it.

French International Basketball Player Ali Traoré Joins Amchit Club

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I still think Riyadi is the team to beat this year, but things are going to get tougher for them with French Centre Ali Traoré joining Amchit alongside Fadi el Khatib and Jeremiah Massey. Amchit has already defeated Riyadi by 2 points and is going for the championship with Traoré’s signing.

That’s definitely good news for the fans as the games will get more competitive now specially that Sagesse has apparently agreed to sign NBA Basketball Player Quincy Douby.

via LebaneseBasketball

Fan Half-Court Shots Introduced To Lebanese Basketball

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One Basketball fan will be picked randomly every game and will have the chance to win 1 Million Lebanese Liras if he makes the half court shot. I don’t know if there were half-court shots last season as this is the first season I hear of such a thing but it’s definitely a cool feature!

If you’ve never seen any of the fan half-court shots in NBA games, check this [video].

Lebanese Skier Alex Mohbat Finishes 42nd Out of 117 racers In His Slalom Race

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Alex had finished 69th in his first race but managed to clinch the 42nd spot in the Slalom race after 2 runs. Slalom races are really tough and there are a lot of DNFs as you can see in the final results even among the favorites, so congrats to Alex on this encouraging result!

Jackie Chamoun finished in 48th spot after her two runs in the Slalom race.


Lebanese Football Player Zoheir Mrad Arrested For Terror Charges

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Update: Racing Player Zoheir Mrad was released today. Good to hear.

First we have a romantic singer turned terrorist and now this. If charged, Zoheir won’t be the first footballer to turn terrorist/fighter as I heard there are 1 or 2 other players who even went to fight in Syria. This is not only happening in Lebanon though as a German National Team Player joined the fight in Syria back in November 2013 and got killed. Speaking of Germany and Europe, hundreds of Europeans are flocking to the war in Syria and joining terrorists.

Following conflicting reports concerning the location where Mrad was arrested, sources told NOW that three Lebanese army patrols awaited Mrad at the entrance of the Bourj Hammoud Municipal Stadium. During the arrest, the army soldiers ordered the club players present at the scene not to intervene while others were ordered to stand by a wall or stay in their cars. Mrad was subsequently taken away as his fellow players looked on with amazement.

Regarding whether the Youth and Sports Ministry or the Lebanese Football Association should have intervened, the sources confirmed to NOW that the issue is related to national security since Mrad was arrested for terror charges following a request by the public prosecutor. It was therefore outside the scope of responsibilities of ministers, the Football Association, and the Racing Club. Meanwhile, the statement issued by the Lebanese army following the arrest announced that Mrad was apprehended on the basis of confessions provided by Naim Abbas who is being detained for terror charges. [Now]

Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat Race Schedules

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Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat – The two Skiers representing Lebanon at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

For those interested in seeing Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat race, here’s the schedule for both athletes as posted on their respective Facebook Pages:

Jackie has one race scheduled on February 21 at 2:45pm (Lebanon Time).
Alex has two races, the Giant Slamon on Wednesday the 19th starting 9am and the Slalom on Saturday 22nd starting 2:45 pm (Both Lebanon time).

Best of luck to Alex & Jackie!

Jackie FB page

Alex Mohbat FB Page