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Lebanese Champion Edward Maalouf CrowdFunding His Way To The Rio De Janeiro 2016 Paralympics

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Edward Maalouf is a Lebanese professional athlete and the winner of 2 Bronze medals at the Paralympic Games in Beijing back in 2008. He’s been competing in races for more than 10 years without any financial or official support from the Lebanese authorities. He has won the Hand-cycle Marathon in New York back in 2006, the silver medal in the Disability Cycling World Championships in Bordeaux, the Beirut Marathon in 2012 and has participated in the 2012 Paralympics in London but failed to win any medals.

I’ve been following Maalouf’s successes for years and always wondered how he managed to achieve all that with so little support and a limited budget. Of course you’d expect a successful athlete like him to get substantial support from the Lebanese authorities specially after winning 2 medals for Lebanon at the Paralympic Games in Beijing back in 2008 but that’s not the case unfortunately as Maalouf has been struggling financially year after year and cutting back on everything to compete in international tournaments.

This being said, Maalouf is still determined to achieve his dream and win a gold for Lebanon at the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Paralympics but he cannot do it without the help of a professional coach, a professional nutritionist and without the proper equipment. That’s why he’s seeking the help of all the Lebanese who believe in him by crowdfunding his way to the next Paralympics games in Brazil.

The amount needed is $90,000 for the next 3 years and is easily achievable if this campaign goes viral so let’s spread the word and show Edward our support because he truly deserves it.

For the individuals interested in helping Maalouf, you can donate [Here]. For the companies interested in sponsoring this campaign, there are packages that you can check [Here].


The 8 Types of FIFA World Cup Fans You’ll Encounter In Lebanon

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is less than a month away and people are already buying flags, jerseys and other accessories to cheer for their favorite team. Almost everyone watches football during the World Cup, even those who don’t like the game and the atmosphere is always a fun one everywhere you go. Having said that, here are the 8 types of World Cup fans you might run into this year:

1- The loyal fan: He loves and plays football, he’s been cheering for the same team for years and will never change sides. I belong to this category as I’ve been supporting The “Mannschaft” (Germany) since 1990 and I doubt that I will ever change my mind.
2- The hardcore fan: He’s pretty much like the loyal fan but his team is always right no matter what they do. Watching the games with these fans is not always fun.
3- The undecided fan: He has the Italian, German and Brazilian flag on his car and is cheering for all 3 teams. I will never understand the logic behind that.
4- Girls who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, they support Italy just because the players are cute.
5- Guys who support Italy: Taking aside those who are loyal fans, there are guys who support Italy just because a lot of girls do.
6- Portugal fans: Because Cristiano Ronaldo is on the team.
7- Underdog teams fans: They are either Lebanese born or living in these countries or have no favorite team and just like picking underdog teams.
8- The fan who likes “el le3eb el 7elo”: He doesn’t want to support any team and just likes to watch games.

World Cup 2014 Giveaway: Win 1 Of 3 Adidas Brazuca Official World Cup Balls

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Adidas sent me the official World Cup Brazuca ball few months back and I organized a football tweetup to try out the ball and have some fun and it turned out to be awesome! Unfortunately, we were all busy playing so we barely took any pictures but hopefully I will have plenty of pics to share when I organize another football game.

Having said that and since the 2014 World Cup is barely a month away, I thought of organizing a small football giveaway and give out 3 Brazuca balls to football fans who follow the blog. Two balls will be given out on the blog and the third one on my Instagram account.

The competition is pretty simple as you have to answer the below 3 questions correctly to get into a draw. As for the Instagram competition I will share the details in the next couple of days on Instagram so stay tuned!

Here are the 3 questions that you need to answer:
1- What is the name of the stadium that hosted the 1950 World Cup Final and had a capacity of almost 200,000 people?
2- Who won the Golden Ball award for best player at the 2002 World Cup held in Japan/South Korea? (Hint: He was a goalkeeper)
3- Which Brazilian legend played a friendly game with the Lebanese Nejmeh team? (Hint: I posted about this few weeks back)

You have to get 2 out of the 3 questions right and submit your answers before tomorrow night. I will announce the two lucky winners on Thursday morning.

NB: You need to put your proper email in the email field while commenting since winner will be contacted by email. You can only comment once, anyone caught commenting more than once will get disqualified.

Pictures and Inspiring Stories From The 2014 Beirut Women Race

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I proudly took part in the Beirut Women Race last Sunday and ran the 5K in support of women and their rights in Lebanon. Almost 10,000 attended the event running for fun, for women and for official causes making it a successful and joyful one.


Here are some of the inspiring stories that happened on that day and are worth mentioning:


The winner of the 10k race was Aregu Abate with a new course record at 41:06. For those of you who are not familiar with Aregu, she’s not a professional athlete coming from abroad to participate, but instead a housekeeper who works in Beirut for the awesome blogger Sietske. Aregu ran for “all the nannies, housemaids and cleaning ladies, showing that change is possible”. I’d like to meet her and Sietske one day because their story is quite an amazing and inspiring one! Read it all [Here].


One of the participants Rita, who’s on wheels, was assisted by her blind friend Liliane and they both completed the 10k.


Another participant finished the whole 10k barefoot. I honestly don’t know how she managed that as it was very hot.


One of the most inspiring stories from this race was Zena Mhanna’s, as she was running over all “that is dark and negative and painful in her life”. I’ve read her story like 3 times and cannot but admire this girl for her strength and courage. I hope she won’t have to face any difficulties or tragedies in her life anymore and wish her all the best!

Check out other awesome stories on Beirut Marathon’s website [Here].


On a last note, MARCH performed a great stunt to raise awareness on violence against women that I posted about a couple of days ago.

PS: Pictures that aren’t mine were taken from Beirut Marathon’s Facebook Page.

Brazilian Football Legend Pelé played for Lebanese Nejmeh SC in 1975

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nejmeh 1975 pele Picture from AbdoGedeon

Pelé played a friendly game with the Lebanese team and scored 2 goals which were never included in his tally of 1281 career goals. Here are a couple of pictures and videos I found on this game that occurred a week before the start of the civil war. Brazilian star Bebeto also participated in a friendly game with Nejmeh back in 2003.




Ghassan Sarkis Back To Lead The National Team

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I can’t believe they appointed once again Ghassan Sarkis as head coach of the Lebanese National Basketball Team. That’s just unfreakin-believable! He’s been failing miserably with the National Team year after year and there’s no reason to keep him.

Personally speaking, I would have opted for a young coach like Joe Moujaes or a foreign coach like Subotic assisted by Joe Moujaes or Fouad Abou Chakra.