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Lebanese Charbel (Bilou) Diab Just Won The MMA World Championship (Super Heavyweights)

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Lebanese MMA fighter Charbel Diab shocked the IMMAF Super-Heavyweight division last week when he clinched the Gold Medal in the 265lb+ bracket. Diab is the only Lebanese that got a medal out of the 2016 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA.


Not only did Diab win the title but he dominated his opponents and won the semi-final fight with a devastating KO punch at the first minute, while it took him less than 3 minutes to finish off former IMMAF Worlds Silver medalist Marcin Kalata.

We have a lot of young and promising MMA fighters in Lebanon and they are being trained and guided by the best. Congrats to Tristar Gym Lebanon and all those who helped achieve this amazing result!

Check out what IMMAF said about Charbel Diab’s win.

Lebanese U18 National Basketball Team Defeats Algeria, Advances To The Arab Championship Final Game

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U18_1 Photo Credits: Sports-961

There’s still hope for Lebanese basketball. Our U18 National team defeated Algeria in the semi-finals and will play Egypt in the final game. This is the fourth consecutive win for the Lebanese team and I’m confident they can overcome Egypt and clinch the title.

In all cases, Lebanon is desperate for young and talented basketball players and a strong U18 team is exactly what we need. Good luck to Salim Alaa El Dine, Ibrahim Haddad, Karim Zeinoun, Karl Assi, Ali Mansour, Elie Jo Dany, Dany Khoury, Sami Ghandour, Marc Khoury, Adel Rizk, Naji Ozeir and Jad Lahib. Thumbs up to Joe Moujaess as well for leading the team to the finals! We can always count on Joe to bring out the best of our players.

#PekingParis2016: Team Lebanon is One Week Away From Making History!

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Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha just crossed borders to Poland with their 1964 Porsche 356 C after driving over 5000 KM across Russia.


They are still holding the second spot in their category and holding a Gold medal which means that they did not miss any of the set time targets placed by the organizers.


They’ve been facing a lot of issues with the car just like everyone else but Porsche Lebanon and the mechanics has been very supportive and things are going well so far. The co-pilot Walid has been working day and night to do the necessary repairs along the way, which has helped enormously in keeping the car going. Yesterday was a big day for the repairs and #TeamLebanon will have to drive for six more days before arriving in Paris and making history!

walid Walid Samaha

The pictures and videos that I am receiving from the team are simply stunning. This is truly an adventure of a life time!




Micky Chebli Cycling For Life: 4000 KM, 180 Hours of Cycling & Over $100K Raised

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Micky Chebli Photo Credits: Patrick Baz

Micky Chebli is a Lebanese financier, humanitarian and accomplished athlete. He decided this year to celebrate his 50th anniversary by embarking on a journey from Paris to Beirut on a bike in an attempt to raise $300,000 to help three NGOs, Les Petits Soleils, My School Pulse & Oum el Nour, and to serve as a role mode for his children.

Chebli kicked off his journey on May 26th from Paris and arrived in Lebanon on July 2nd. He managed to collect over $100,000 which will be distributed to the three NGOs, noting that he covered fully the costs of his adventure (travel expenses, technical support, equipment, gear, and campaign implementation).

mk1 “My Pain is temporarily, saving a child is forever.” Micky Chebli

This is quite an amazing achievement, one that will surely inspire his children years from now and help save children in need. We need more inspirational athletes like Micky Chebli in this country.

You can check out more details on [Beirut Marathon] and [CyclistOfLife]

#PekingParis2016: Team Lebanon Off to a Great Start, Currently Ranked 2nd in Their Class!

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pekin paris

The Peking-Paris began on June 12 and #TeamLebanon has been doing great so far! Charbel Habib and Walid Samaha just crossed Mongolia yesterday after 8 days of off-road driving in one of the most adventurous and difficult routes of the Peking-Paris race. It took some time for the team to get used to the GPS system and they got lost on the second day but were able to get back on track and avoid penalties. Day 3 was one of the toughest for the Lebanese team as their GPS system broke down twice and they had to drive all the way back to the mechanics to fix it but since then, they’ve been scoring great times and are currently ranked #2 in their class and #34 overall.

Team Lebanon has already covered an incredible 3,684 KM through China and Mongolia and are performing very well despite having one of the smallest cars in the race. Here are few selected pictures that will walk you through their stunning journey since Day 1 and show you how challenging this race is:

start2 Ready to go!

camping2 Camping on Day2

drive Hello Mongolia!

fixing roof Fixing damaged roof stack

teamlebanon4 Camping …

teamlebanon3 and taking a short coffee break

team lebanon2 Rough terrain

peking paris3 In the middle of nowhere.

drive Stunning landscapes


#TeamLebanon will spend the next 13 days driving over 5000 KM across Russia. I will make sure to keep you posted with their updates.

Best of luck to Charbel & Walid!




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kol2 Diwan Beirut: One of the best quality food and delivery services in Beirut

Diwan Beirut has kicked off last week a pretty cool campaign for the Euro 2016. I love The hashtag they came up with #Kolwscore and the game is a fun one. You basically need to predict the scores for the Euro games and with every deliver order you make, you get a code that adds 25 points to your account. There are 24 prizes for the top 24 contestants.


I started playing yesterday and already got two scores right but I’m still way behind. Nevertheless, I order regularly from Diwan Beirut and usually get the scores right so I still have a chance 😀


Eight Lebanese Competing At The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

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Richard merjan Richard Mourjan – The First Lebanese Canoeist to take part in the Olympic Games

Rio is the proud host of the 2016 Summer Olympics and Lebanon is represented by 8 athletes this year covering seven different sports:

Mariana Sahakyan (female) – Table tennis
Ray Bassil (female) – Shooting
Chirine Njeim (female) – Marathon
Elias Nacif (male) – Judo
Anthony Barbar (male) – Swimming
Gabrielle Doueihy (female) – Swimming
Mona Shaito (female) – Fencing
Richard Mourjan (male) – Canoe

Lebanon has only missed 1 Summer Olympic Games back in 1956 (it was a boycott) but has yet to earn a medal since the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow. We have exceptional athletes competing this year so let’s hope they end the dry spell and bring back at least one medal!

Chirine Njeim is the first lady to represent Lebanon in the Marathon distance

I will keep you posted with further updates as soon as the games start. I tried looking for schedules on the Rio 2016 website but couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t even find our athletes’ names there.

Getting Ready for EURO 2016

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euro 2016

Euro 2016 games kick off tomorrow. Football fans are overjoyed while non-football fans will suffer for a whole month. Personally speaking, I’m super excited and want to see Germany lift the trophy after the World Cup two years ago, while my wife couldn’t care less and can’t stand football.

I found this hilarious song about a husband warning his wife not to bother him this whole month and how she responded. Check it out and send it to your husbands/wives or to your football-hating fan friends 🙂

#BlogWaladi: Baby Brian’s First F1 Experience

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YAZ_2245 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Prior to the F1 showrun that took place a couple of weeks ago, The Red Bull F1 team made two stops in the Cedars and Byblos. Since I couldn’t take Brian to the show run given how noisy and crowded it will be, I thought of taking him to Byblos where a private shoot was taking place the day before.

I know he’s too young to understand what an F1 car is, but it might take years before we see an F1 car in Lebanon and he might not got the chance to sit in a real Formula 1 car so I had to grab that opportunity and capture the moment.

sleep Waking up

I headed to Byblos early in the morning, had breakfast with Brian at eBaladi and walked around in the souks while waiting for the Red Bull team to arrive. I had to make sure his clothes stay clean before the shoot but it was an epic fail. He spilled water on himself and on my man2oushe so I had to change his diaper and pants later on in the car. Trust me if there’s anything worse than cleaning bottles, it’s changing diapers in the car lol!

As soon as Red Bull got there, it took them almost an hour to bring down the car and decide on a shooting spot. Once done, I waited for instructions to take pictures with the car since no one was allowed to get anywhere near the car.


Once we were given the green light, Brian & I got a couple of awesome shots with the car and I was even able to put Brian for a few seconds inside the car. He couldn’t care less of course but I’m sure he will look back one day and appreciate these pictures.

YAZ_2222 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

YAZ_2240 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Next on the list is taking Brian and the wife to attend an F1 Grand Prix.

YAZ_2228 copy Photo Credits: Akl Yazbeck

Special thanks to the Red Bull Lebanon team and Red Bull for making that happen!