Disgusting Lebanese Football Fans

Corruption, match-fixing, attacking referees, tricking young players, mismanagement and disgusting sectarian fans. That's not what football is about and that's why football is doomed in Lebanon. I wish I could share MTV's optimism in promoting the league and offering a better coverage but I've lost hope a while back in this sport in Lebanon.

“Beirut Club” Joins the Lebanese Basketball League

We have a new team in this year's Lebanese Basketball season top-division: "Beirut Club". The team was promoted to the top division along with Antonieh this year and is proving to be a title-contender after finishing second in the most recent Henri Chalhoub cup. I haven't heard about this club until recently, but I did some research and asked some friends and they have a solid management and financial support. They're basically the same group…

Biking Trails & Locations in #Lebanon

2 months ago
If you haven’t experienced Lebanon by bike you’re definitely missing out. Even though there aren’t that many pre-set bike trails, there are plenty of awesome locations where you can bike and enjoy the sceneries. Few ...

Lebanon’s First Hockey Team

2 months ago
A group of Lebanese Montrealers who love to play hockey have decided to get organized and form Lebanon’s first hockey team. There’s still no formal structure but they have already played a couple of exhibition ...

Lebanese Tennis Player Banned for 7982 Years ?!?

2 months ago
Lebanese tennis champion Ibrahim Bou Chahine has been banned apparently till the year 9999 according to the above screen taken from Ibrahim’s profile on the Lebanese Tennis Federation website. From what I read, Bou Chahine ...

Abdo Feghali – Rodrigue el Rahi Brawl at The 2017 Rally du Liban

3 months ago
Lebanese Champion Abdo Feghali got into a brawl with another rally driver Rodrigue el Rahi after el Rahi wouldn’t let him pass in the last few kilometers of one of the rally’s stages. What happened ...

How Many Guinness World Records Does Lebanon Hold?

3 months ago
I stumbled upon a friend’s comprehensive list of all the Guinness World Records Lebanon holds and there are 47 of them apparently! I looked up the Guinness World Records website and found 47 hits dating ...

Fadi el Khatib Retires from Lebanon’s National Basketball Team

3 months ago
Fadi el Khatib announced his retirement from his national team duties yesterday in an emotional message on his Instagram page. Khatib was hoping to win the Asian trophy with Lebanon this year but Lebanon was ...

Iran beats Lebanon to reach 2017 FIBA Asia Cup Semi Finals

3 months ago
Lebanon is officially out of the 2017 FIBA Championship after losing to Iran 70-80. The Iranian team is one of the tournament’s favorites and played a great defensive game with the help of their 2,18m ...

Lebanon Plays Korea in 2017 FIBA Asian Cup Debut

4 months ago
The FIBA Asian Cup kicks off today with a game opposing the host country Lebanon and Korea. The game will start at 9PM and will be broadcasted live by LBC from the Nouhad Nawfal Sports ...