In Pictures: The 2016 Beirut Marathon

Over 40,000 took part in this year's edition of the Beirut Marathon. The organization was much better than last year and I loved the setup on Martyrs Square. Thousands were running for the first time, for a cause, for fun and with their families. I went down this year but didn't run because I had a sprained toe . The winner of the 42K was Edwin kibet Kiptoo from KENYA. Hussein Awada was the first…

Adam is a 17 Year Old Running The Beirut Marathon To Support Free Mental Health Care

For the first time this year, a 17 year old will be taking part in the 42.195 km run at the Beirut Marathon and he's doing it for a good cause, a cause that touches 25% of the Lebanese population and yet is hugely sidelined by the vast majority in our society. Adam is running to help raise funds for IDRAAC and set up a free mental health clinic dedicated to offer treatment and awareness…

The Nine Types of Lebanese Basketball Players

2 months ago
I once drafted a post about the different types of Lebanese Basketball players but never published it. I’m glad I didn’t though because I couldn’t have done it better than guy Zeenomena. He totally nailed ...

Football in #Lebanon is Doomed

3 months ago
Every now and then, we are reminded why there’s no hope for football in this country. Fans shouting “Shi3a Shi3a Shi3a” while others raise an Islamic flag. Next thing you know, crusaders invade the pitch ...

Two Lebanese Athletes Competing at The 2016 WKU World Championship Kickboxing

3 months ago
Maroun Abboud & Jennifer Nehmeh are representing Lebanon this year at the WKU World Championship Kickboxing. Maroun is 24 years old and will compete in two categories: Light contact on September 26th and semi-contact on ...

Rally Du Liban: Picture of The Day

4 months ago
I even got the video. It’s not photoshopped LOL! Thanks Akl! ...

Lebanese Chirine Njeim: First Ever Olympian To Compete in Alpine Skiing & Marathon Events

5 months ago
Lebanese Olympian Chirine Njeim completed yesterday the Women’s Marathon race with a time of 2h 51m 8s and ranked 109th out of 157 candidates. By doing so, Chirine joins a very exclusive club and becomes ...

Meet Tarek Abou Al Dahab: Former Lebanese Cyclist Champion & Olympic Athlete in 1968 and 1972

5 months ago
A Facebook post caught my attention last week about a former racing cyclist in Beirut called Abou el Dahab who runs his own bicycle shop with his son Osama in Zarif in Beirut. Abou el ...

15 Stunning Hiking & Biking Views from Akkar & Kobayat

5 months ago
If you are planning a hiking trip anytime soon, North Lebanon and more specifically Akkar has some of the most beautiful hiking trails. As part of the Kobayat festivals, hiking and biking trips are organized ...

Lebanese Judo Champion Nacif Elias Calls Disqualification Unfair

5 months ago
Photo Credits: Judoinside Lebanese Nacif Elias was unfortunately disqualified from his opening game against Argentina’s Emmanuel Lucenti. Elias was furious following the decision which he called unfair and protested the decision and refused to shake ...