iPod Creator & Nest Labs Founder Tony Fadell Coming to the BDL Accelerate 2016

BDL Accelerate 2016 first declared Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak as a speaker at the conference this year, and yesterday they announced that Lebanese-American Tony Fadell, mostly known for being the iPod ‘Godfather’ back when Apple decided to launch the famous music player, will also be a speaker this year. Fadell also helped in creating the iPhone. Fadell is a brilliant Lebanese-American entrepreneur, inventor and designer. He was acknowledged in 2013 as one of Business Insider’s…

#EnsaJoura: MTV & LiveLebanon’s Attempt at Repairing Potholes

MTV Lebanon and LiveLebanon kicked off this week the #EnsaJoura national campaign for better roads in Lebanon. The aim is to quickly repair hazardous potholes across the country and engage with people to report these potholes. How will they close down potholes? They got a Velocity road repair machine that is capable of shutting down a pothole in about two minutes, the same pothole that could take years for the Lebanese authorities to consider closing…

Hands-on the iPhone 7 Plus

1 week ago
Finally, I got my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m usually first to get a newly released device, but this time, there were lots of delays from Apple’s online store on the 7 Plus ...

When an Apple Guy Switches from iPhone to Android (Samsung S7 Edge)

1 week ago
Few month ago, I’ve put aside my iPhone and took on the challenge of switching completely to Android for a 3 month period, using the newly released (back then) Samsung S7 Edge. It has been an ...

Google Launches First Smartphone: Pixel

3 weeks ago
Google just launched its first smartphone “Pixel” with built in Google Assistant, a kick-ass rear camera, Daydream VR, a battery that charges in 15 minutes and lasts 7 hours, unlimited storage for pictures and videos ...
Lebanese members of parliament gather to elect the new Lebanese president in the parliament building in downtown Beirut on April 23, 2014. (AFP/Joseph Eid)

2016/2017 Global Competitiveness Report: Public Trust in Politicians Still Improving in #Lebanon

3 weeks ago
Public trust in politicians has improved once again since last year as ranking improved by two spots from last year according to the 2016/2017 Global Competitiveness Report. I have no idea how this is happening ...

Alfa and Touch New Reduced Mobile Internet Prices

1 month ago
As expected, Alfa and Touch announced today their new reduced prices on Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband bundles. The decrease in prices starts from 10% up to 40% on certain bundles. Here are the new ...

Mobile Internet Prices To Decrease By 10 to 20%

1 month ago
Alfa Telecom announced yesterday during a press conference that they will be reducing their internet mobile prices from 10 to 20% and launched two new bundles: Start-Up: $45 that will include 550 minutes of local ...

This is 7: What Did We Expect From The New iPhone?

1 month ago
With the lack of impressive new features in mobile phones, the battle of winning users today lies in advancing and optimizing existing features or even in the case of the iPhone 7 removing ones (headphone ...

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Will Speak at BDL Accelerate 2016

2 months ago
Steve Wozniak is the first announced speaker at the BDL Accelerate 2016. Wozniak has long been overshadowed by Steve Jobs but he’s the man who single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I and co-founded Apple with ...