Would You Order a Starbucks Delivery?

I just noticed today that Wizmates is now offering delivery from Starbucks. There's no minimum order amount but the delivery charge is 4,500 LBP. I love the idea that Wizmates is delivering for Starbucks now and I would consider it if we are getting for 3 or 4 people not just for me. What's more important though is to make sure the coffee gets here hot. My friend ordered today and was satisfied with this…

Improving Lebanon’s Internet on Top of PM Hariri’s Agenda

Nest Labs Founder Tony Fadell, who was a speaker at the most recent BDL Accelerate, tweeted yesterday about UK's £1BN plan to deploy full fiber broadband & 5G and mentioned PM Saad Hariri. Hariri did respond that improving Lebanon's internet is on top of the future government's agenda, and ex-Telecom Minister Sehnaoui praised the future PM for this positive approach and for bringing back Fiber Optics on the table. I really want to believe that…

Internet Freedom Not Improving: Lebanon Still Partly Free

2 weeks ago
Freedom House 2016 report on Internet Freedom is out and Lebanon is still classified as being “Partly Free” with a score of 45/100, similar to last year’s result. The report stated that “the internet freedom ...

Tech Tips and Gadgets: If You’re Running in The Beirut Marathon

3 weeks ago
Whether you’re an amateur runner, a parent with kids, or even a semi-pro. Here’s a list of tips and gadgets, to help you get the most out of your tech devices during the Marathon. Pro runners ...

Stop Saving Your Passwords on Notes and Memo Apps!

3 weeks ago
Nothing drives me crazy more than seeing people’s passwords unsecured and publicly displayed on their devices. People just don’t realize that their privacy, confidentiality and money are at risk. Passwords should never be stored on ...

Lebanese Sevag Babikian Advances To The Final Rounds of Stars Of Science

1 month ago
Sevag Babikian is the only Lebanese contestant left in Stars of Science, which is a reality TV show by MBC dedicated to innovation and aimed at promoting young Arab innovators. Sevag got ranked first in ...

A New Tech/Dad Blog To Follow in Lebanon: Techiedad.me

1 month ago
I’m always on the look out for new blogs to read and follow in Lebanon but unfortunately there aren’t that many worth mentioning. In fact, there are only two new Lebanese blogs that caught my ...

Can Microsoft’s Surface Book Take on Apple’s MacBook Pro?

1 month ago
This month featured the release of two major laptop updates. Apple’s new MacBook Pro and Microsoft’s new Surface Book. MacBook Pro Overview: The MacBook Pro was always the ultimate notebook to own, it is one ...

5 Reasons Why Pros Will Hate the New MacbookPro

1 month ago
If you’re the kind of person who likes to read well written articles, I recommend you read Michael Tsai’s sobering look into how Apple lost the plot with professionals. Here, I’ll just drop in a ...

iPod Creator & Nest Labs Founder Tony Fadell Coming to the BDL Accelerate 2016

1 month ago
BDL Accelerate 2016 first declared Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak as a speaker at the conference this year, and yesterday they announced that Lebanese-American Tony Fadell, mostly known for being the iPod ‘Godfather’ back when Apple ...