Damaged Marine Cables Between Cyprus & Alexandria Affecting Internet in #Lebanon

If you're wondering why internet in Lebanon has slowed down* in the past week, this is due to a rupture of two cables connecting Cyprus to Europe. The latest update I read stated that the cables were repaired but services are now back at normal levels, but it doesn't look like it as many are still reporting slowness and disruption. Here's the latest from Ogero as of yesterday: A quick update on the repairs of…

First Community Solar System Project Launched in South Lebanon

Qabrikha in South Lebanon has just implemented the first Community Solar System in Lebanon, whereas the entire village will be powered by the solar system installed and consisting of a 250 kWp solar PV coupled with diesel generators. The solar system set up at the village is cost-effective and will not include any batteries. Instead, it is a hybrid PV-Diesel system that runs in parallel to the village's diesel generators and on the EDL grid…

IN2: A Lebanese Solution to Help Others Join In What You’re Into

2 months ago
I like to play football and basketball with my friends, and every now and then, we book a field or court to go have a fun game together. If you’re like me, you’ll know that ...

Huawei is Releasing a Mate 10 Lite Edition

3 months ago
The Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro were released few months ago and are here to complete with the big guns, but a lot of smartphone users, especially young consumers, don’t really care about AI ...

Who’s Getting Calls from Numbers Starting with 0079?

3 months ago
Is anyone else getting calls from international numbers starting with 0079? I got a couple in the last week but didn’t have to answer but it’s a good thing I didn’t because Techie Dad posted ...

Handiss.com: Helping Engineers and Architects Do Freelance

4 months ago
I came across Handiss the other day, and I must say I loved what this Lebanese startup is doing. Basically, Handiss is a web platform that connects engineers and architects to companies or individuals that ...
Movies & Television

Hacking a Bank in #Lebanon

4 months ago
NatGeo Abu Dhabi shared a 12-minute episode on how two white hackers were able to infiltrate three branches of a Lebanese prominent bank and compromise their security. Not only were the hackers capable of convincing ...

Traffic Apps Cannot Help Solve Lebanon’s Worsening Traffic Problem

4 months ago
December is here which means three things: Shopping, Christmas and more traffic. Our economy loses around $2 billion dollars on a yearly basis due to the chronic traffic problem and there’s no will from the ...

“Regram” Button Coming to Instagram?

4 months ago
The Next Web reported yesterday that Instagram is currently testing a range of new features, including one that will allow users to repost or as they called it “Regram” pictures on Instagram. As you all ...

Iranian Hackers Target President Aoun, PM Hariri’s Email Accounts

4 months ago
French newspaper Le Figaro reported two days ago that the Iranian authorities have sponsored a large-scale cyber attack on Lebanese servers, and that they targeted “the personal email accounts of both President Michel Aoun and ...