I’m Upgrading my 4G plan from 10 to 20GB

In the past six months or more, I've been spending on average $15 as extra MB consumption on my primary mobile internet plan. I'm also consuming all 10GB on my 4G dongle and secondary line despite having WIFI at home and at work. I've been trying to figure out why I'm over-consuming and I analyzed my usage stats and it's mainly due to three things: 1- I'm almost always on 4G or 4G+ which obviously…

Google Street View Cars in #Beirut?

Plus961 shared few days ago a picture of a car with roof-mounted cameras roaming around Beirut. I've been hearing about these cars for some time and I thought at first they might be Google Street View cars but I was told they're not and the picture shown by Rami confirms it. Google Street View cars look like that and the camera used on top of the car portrayed above is totally different. Also, I read…

The Nokia 3310 is Back … and it has Snake!

6 months ago
The Nokia 3310 is making its comeback 17 years after its original launch. The “indestructible” Nokia is back in a lighter version, with a 2MP camera, the nostalgic ringtones, a battery life of two weeks ...

Ogero Stand at MWC 2017 – Barcelona

6 months ago
Ogero is taking part as an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress 2017 this year. The above picture of the stand was tweeted by Ogero and shows Lebanon’s map with “Internet of things” written all ...

Attention all Lebanese Developers: Join The Facebook Messenger Challenge

7 months ago
Facebook is challenging all Middle East Developers to create the smartest bots for FB Messenger and asking people to sign up and join the contest. Developers, in teams of up to three people, are invited ...

littleBits Places Arabic Billboard in Times Square

7 months ago
“We Invent the World We Want to Live In”: This is the advertisement that littleBits has placed in Arabic on a billboard in Times Square to send out “a message of inclusivity and diversity, and ...

Anghami Founders Elie Habib & Eddy Maroun On Forbes ME’s Cover Page

7 months ago
Founded in 2012 by Lebanese entrepreneurs Elie Habib & Eddy Maroun, Anghami is today the leading music streaming in the MENA region, with a library of more than 20 million songs and over 30 million ...

Sodetel (Unlimited) DSL Going Off at Night

7 months ago
This is the third night in a row that Sodetel DSL goes off at night (around 9PM) and stays off till around 2AM. You contact the call center and if you are lucky enough to ...

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: Fair Price, Simple Setup & Excellent Video Quality

7 months ago
When I moved in to my new apartment three years ago, the first thing I looked for was an indoor surveillance camera to keep an eye to keep a closer eye on things at home, ...

No, The Government Cannot Hack Your Whatsapp & Facebook

8 months ago
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities Nohad Machnouk denied yesterday claims that the government has started implementing a new cyber crimes law that will entitle the authorities to: – Monitor calls & register them – Monitor ...