First Pictures of The New Lebanese Biometric Passports

Biometric passports are officially available as of today. Anyone can apply for the new passport and those who wish to replace their old passports can also do so. According to the below FTV report, the documents needed are as follows: - Passport Request Form to be filled out at the mayor's office. - Applicant's original Individual Civil ID or or his original new Lebanese I.D. card. - One recent color photo showing full details of…

Lebanon Improving In The Networked Readiness Index

The Global Information Technology Report is prepared by the World Economic Forum, INSEAD and Cornell University and examines "the increasing proliferation of technology and its effects on advancing global prosperity". Digital innovation is reshaping economies worldwide and pressuring states and tech and non-tech sectors to adapt to the speed and scale of changes while mitigating ethical, legal, and regulatory risks. As far as Lebanon is concerned, it still ranks among the worst Arab countries in…

Updates on MOT’s 2020 Strategy: 4G/LTE on Track, DSL is Bad

7 months ago
One year ago, I shared a lengthy post on the Telecom Ministry’s 2020 plan and mentioned that fiber optics are expected to be deployed within 5 years while 4G/LTE coverage was expected to all over ...

My Ogero DSL Internet Stopped Working Two Weeks Ago

7 months ago
Photo Credits: Executive Magazine Two weeks ago, my home internet stopped working, the internet button on the Ogero DSL modem turned red, I tried restarting the modem, turning it off and on, I checked all ...

Biometric Passports Expected Soon in Lebanon: Five Things You Need To Know

7 months ago
Back in 2014, the Lebanese cabinet approved Interior Minister Mashnouq’s proposal to replace the old passports by new biometric ones. Earlier this year, the Lebanese General Security forced all those with a renewed by hand ...

AUB Goes Eco-Friendly, Launches its First Photovoltaic Power Plant

7 months ago
The American University of Beirut has inaugurated yesterday its first photovoltaic power plant to “mitigate the high environmental and economic costs of electricity generation through combustion of diesel”. The solar panel system was installed on ...

Google Maps Updated For Lebanon

7 months ago
Google has updated yesterday its mapping application with new, higher-resolution imagery from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite, which means sharper and more detailed photographs for Google Maps & Google Earth. The maps for Lebanon were updated ...

Beirut Electricity App Featured In #Apple’s WWDC16

8 months ago
Beirut Electricity, an app that calculates the power outage hours in Beirut was featured in Apple’s New Beginnings video ahead of the WWDC16. This app basically “tracks the rolling three-hour outages and predicts when the ...
Smart Phone

5 Cool Things From Apple’s WWDC16

8 months ago
Apple announced a series of new features and updates across its 4 platforms: MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and TVOS. Here are the 5 things that I liked best: 1- Swift Playground Apple introduced Swift Playground, a free ...

The Virtual National Museum of Modern Art: The First of Its Kind In Lebanon

9 months ago
The Ministry of Culture officially launched on Wednesday the Virtual National Museum of Modern Art in Lebanon. This is the first museum of its kind in Lebanon and will feature over 800 artworks including paintings ...