AUB Goes Eco-Friendly, Launches its First Photovoltaic Power Plant

The American University of Beirut has inaugurated yesterday its first photovoltaic power plant to "mitigate the high environmental and economic costs of electricity generation through combustion of diesel". The solar panel system was installed on the rooftop of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and will save an estimated $500,000 per year in operating cost, deliver 150 MW of clean energy into the grid and reduce 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions. The project was completed…

Google Maps Updated For Lebanon

Google has updated yesterday its mapping application with new, higher-resolution imagery from NASA's Landsat 8 satellite, which means sharper and more detailed photographs for Google Maps & Google Earth. The maps for Lebanon were updated of course and you can clearly see that from the screenshots below. We now have all the streets and alleys even outside Beirut and even pedestrian bridges are showing on the map now as little grey things. The last update…

Beirut Electricity App Featured In #Apple’s WWDC16

7 months ago
Beirut Electricity, an app that calculates the power outage hours in Beirut was featured in Apple’s New Beginnings video ahead of the WWDC16. This app basically “tracks the rolling three-hour outages and predicts when the ...
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5 Cool Things From Apple’s WWDC16

7 months ago
Apple announced a series of new features and updates across its 4 platforms: MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and TVOS. Here are the 5 things that I liked best: 1- Swift Playground Apple introduced Swift Playground, a free ...

The Virtual National Museum of Modern Art: The First of Its Kind In Lebanon

8 months ago
The Ministry of Culture officially launched on Wednesday the Virtual National Museum of Modern Art in Lebanon. This is the first museum of its kind in Lebanon and will feature over 800 artworks including paintings ...

Get Connected to Syrian Mobile Phone Carriers from Within Lebanon

8 months ago
Two years ago, I was driving from Kobayat to Andkit and we ended up somewhere where I got a message welcoming me to Syria and telling me to enjoy roaming with Syria’s operators. I thought ...

Hey Najib, is Everything Secure Enough?

8 months ago
I seriously have no idea who came up with that ad, but this guy acts exactly like me. I lock my car at least 3-4 times and if I’m leaving the laptop in the car, ...

The Authorities Can No Longer Monitor Your Whatsapp Messages & Calls

9 months ago
WhatsApp just got a whole lot more secure after rolling out full encryption to all its users. All the text, photos and calls you make are now fully encrypted and can only be read by ...

Lebanese Dream Of High Speed Internet

9 months ago
via @haidcar The above table was being shared yesterday as an April Fools’ joke. I have no idea whether it’s all fabricated or inspired from the 2020 plan announced by the MOT, but what’s sure ...
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What Age Should You Get Your Kids Mobile Phones and How to Keep Them Safe?

9 months ago
I always said that I’ll never give my kids mobile phones before they become teenagers. I was even constantly bashing my friends for doing so, but all this changed when we got kids of our ...