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Lebanese Entrepreneur Soulaiman Itani Launches A Google Glass Competitor: Atheer Lightweight 3D glasses

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The two advantages these glasses have over Google Glasses are that they are 3D and they are lighter. The Atheer One is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2014, while the ADK is expected to ship in the first quarter.

You can check out a demo [Here].

Move over, Google Glass. A Lebanese entrepreneur and his cofounder have just debuted a pair of wearable glasses that displays augmented reality in three dimensions as opposed to Google’s two.

The glasses, built by Soulaiman Itani and Allen Yang at Atheer Labs in Mountain View, bring fantasies to life, allowing wearers to exercise with virtual targets, conduct conferences calls while browsing data online, and play three dimensional games, thanks to hand sensors and an advanced algorithm.

Those who were wowed by Pranav Mistry’s TED Talk about Sixth Sense technology will likely go gaga for Atheer, which also offers a 65 degree field of view as opposed to Google’s 12 degree frame in the corner of one’s view.

Today, it’s available on Indiegogo, for only $350; all it’s missing is precognition.

With a lightweight design and integration with Android such that it runs any and all Android apps, the glasses are designed for the everyman, founder and CEO Itani explains. While Google’s SDK allows developers to build apps for Google Glass, Atheer allows the million or so existing Android apps to function already within its platform, without any further work. Yet the company also has a custom-built SDK for those Android developers who do want to take advantage of its 3D functions. This, Itani explains, allow users to create virtual objects that they can leave in their environment or send to another location. [Source]

Lebanon’s Roadie Tuner: A Great Tool For Guitarists

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Roadie Tuner is a device created by Lebanese entrepreneurs (Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi) and manufactured in China. The device is fixed on a guitar’s tuning knob and using bluetooth technology, the guitarist can read on his smartphone the sound as a string is plucked. According to Jalgha, “it is three times more accurate than what the human ear can distinguish in terms of frequency.”

The Roadie Tuner app is already available on iOS and the device will sell for $79 on their Kickstarter platform, and $69 for earlybirds, and should be delivered in six months.

If you are interested in reading more about it, check it out [Here].

Best of luck to both Bassam and Hassane!

Designed for guitars, or any similar stringed instrument, the handheld tuner works by fixing to a guitar’s tuning knob. Using Bluetooth technology, a user’s smartphone reads the sound as a string is plucked and the device’s motor turns the knob to the right tuning, which, Jalgha explains, is “three times more accurate than what the human ear can distinguish in terms of frequency.

The team will spend the next few months in the U.S. demonstrating the product at tradeshows – including CES in Las Vegas and The NAMM Show – and pitching in Silicon Valley, before returning to build their company between Lebanon and China. They are also currently securing new distribution channels and retail partners in the U.S.


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Whatsapp Bulk Messages to Lebanese Mobile Numbers

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I got this email from a friend a couple of days ago and I remembered an old post I had written about “reporting harassing phone calls or text messages in Lebanon“. Even though the service provided by this marketing company is different from harassing texts and call, the common point is that someone has access to our numbers and we can’t do anything about it.

I don’t know if there are 4 million lines in Lebanon but where did that company get these numbers from? Who’s providing these lists and why aren’t the concerned parties doing anything about it?

As stated previously, there should be a hotline or website shared by the Police and Telecom ministry dedicated to reporting such issues, specially those related to harassment. Moreover, there should be a law that prohibits marketers from spamming us with messages without our prior approval.

Lebanese Ayah Bdeir Ranked 9th Sexiest Startup CEO Alive

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Ayah is the founder and CEO of Littlebits. She’s an MIT graduate and was also named number 33 on Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business for 2013.

You can check out the full list [Here].

Ayah Bdeir was 12 when her dad signed her up for programming lessons. The only problem: “I wanted to be an architect,” she says. Today, Bdeir has merged the two disciplines and created little­Bits, Lego sets for the 21st century that let tinkerers build their own electronics. Her neon-hued components snap together magnetically to form circuit boards, making it easy–and, more important, fun!–to construct anything from a remote-control car to an alarm clock to a talking puppet. LittleBits has caught on in the art and design worlds–this spring, New York’s Museum of Modern Art stores featured an installation of littleBits creations–and Bdeir envisions her kits as tools for proto­typing real products. “Everyone is creative,” she says, “and everyone is a techie.”

Here’s a small interview with Ayah where she talks about Littlebits.

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No Internet Outage In Lebanon Tomorrow

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Via @NicolaSehnaoui

As expected and stated earlier, it turned out to be “an over-exaggerated and politicized matter that will be resolved swiftly by the Telecom Ministry”.

Moreover, and as stated by Minister Sehnaoui, Lebanon was never under threat of loss of internet bandwidth as, since April 2013 we have full redundancy through the Qadmos/Alexandros cables.

What’s Happening To The Internet In Lebanon Tomorrow?

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Update: No Internet Outage tomorrow. Read more [Here].

Lebanon might be facing yet another internet crisis next week as we might be cut off the Consortium IMEWE cable after having failed to pay our dues. As always, the political bickering between the Telecom Ministry and Ogero is the reason for this problem, as every side is blaming the other.

Al-Akhbar reported that Ogero chief Abdel Menhem Youssef waited until yesterday to inform the Telecom Ministry of the warning sent by Consortium, while MTV stated that Ogero had warned the Telecom Ministry back in May. However Al-Akhbar did mention that Ogero was no longer responsible for that cable since 2012.

To sum it up, if we fail to pay 1.85 million dollars by next week, we might lose 60% of our Internet capacity. Let’s hope it’s just an over-exaggerated and politicized matter that will be resolved swiftly by the Telecom Ministry. I will try to ask Minister Sehnaoui today and see what he has to say about that.

Alfa 4G

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Alfa launched its 4G service few weeks back at Le Royal Dbayyeh and now all 3G subscribers can connect to the 4G network if their devices or smartphones allow them to. I thought the Samsung S4 would be 4G enabled but the version we have in Lebanon is not, same for the Note3. On the other hand, I was able to connect with the LG G2 to the 4G and I will share few speed tests later on.

You can find here below the 4G coverage map. Of course it’s good to finally have 4G in Beirut and few areas outside it but we need bigger quotas as 4G speeds will imply further Mbytes consumption. I am already finishing my 1.5Gb before the end of the cycle and I sure don’t want to pay more than 29$ to increase my quota.

4G [High-Res]

ArabNet Developer Tournament in Lebanon

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For all Lebanese Developers and codes, the ArabNet Developer Tournament is taking place on October 26th at the Beirut Creative Cluster in Lebanon. Winners will get to represent in the ArabNet Coding Championship in Dubai and receive monetary prizes as well.

There’s also a Job Fair where you can meet with top local and regional companies and a Code Lab where you can discover the latest technologies in web and mobile development.

You can check out all the details and register [Here].


Last year, Lebanon won the first place at the Arabnet Development Tournament in Dubai.