Meet Rola Hteit: The only Lebanese Female Airline Pilot

During my last trip to Montreal few weeks ago, it came to my attention that I've never been on a commercial plane flown by a woman. Given that only 3% of the airline pilots around the world are women, you wouldn't expect to have a Lebanese female captain but we actually have one and she's called Rola Hteit. She was featured in an article on the HuffPostArabi a week ago and praised as the only…

Aida Sabra Not Feeling Safe in Canada

"Where am I? Who controls this neighborhood? Canada is scary, you cannot feel safe, not at all, not at all! You walk, walk and walk and you do know this street is controlled by whom. Silly people! Come on, where are the slogans, the signs, the signals, any flag. Some graffiti on the wall so that one can feel safe." Aida is a Lebanese actress, director and choreographer. This woman is hilarious! She was visiting…

72 hours in Halkidiki with Wild Discovery

2 weeks ago
Greece, being less than 3 hours away (only slightly longer than a road trip between Beirut and Jounieh), is one of the most common summer travel destinations in Lebanon. However, when we think of Greece, ...

Back to Beirut!

2 weeks ago
I’m finally back in Beirut after a week well spent in Montreal. I enjoyed the city a lot and I will be sharing my thoughts soon enough. Till then, I’m still trying to recover from ...

I’m Off To Montreal For a Week!

4 weeks ago
I’m visiting Canada for the first time and will be spending 1 week in Montreal with my wife and kid. This is Brian’s first flight so I hope it will go smoothly and we won’t ...

Bird Scaring Devices & Cars To Be Deployed Near Beirut Airport

1 month ago
Instead of closing down the hazardous Costa Brava landfill, which is only located 200 meters away from the airport, Lebanese authorities are planning to deploy bird-scaring devices and cars to prevent any collisions at low ...

MEA’s Cool New Safety Video

1 month ago
Middle East Airlines has finally changed its old safety video and replaced it with a cool and unconventional one. I love how they are shedding the light on Lebanon’s touristic sites through the video. Check ...

Travel & Leisure: #Beirut Named The Best International City for Food

2 months ago
Picture by Bethany Kehdy Food is probably the only thing we are still good at in Lebanon and we can still brag about. Nothing beats a typical Lebanese lunch with the tens of hot and ...

First Pictures of The New Lebanese Biometric Passports

2 months ago
Biometric passports are officially available as of today. Anyone can apply for the new passport and those who wish to replace their old passports can also do so. According to the below FTV report, the ...

Lebanese Stuck at Turkey’s Istanbul Airport, Lebanese Embassy Not Answering

3 months ago
Update (16/7/2016 8PM): Minister Bassil urged Lebanese consulate and embassy in Turkey to do the necessary to help the Lebanese stuck there. Embassy got in touch with the passengers according to LBCI. A group of ...