Bird Scaring Devices & Cars To Be Deployed Near Beirut Airport

Instead of closing down the hazardous Costa Brava landfill, which is only located 200 meters away from the airport, Lebanese authorities are planning to deploy bird-scaring devices and cars to prevent any collisions at low altitudes with the planes. This means that they will be polluting further and providing a temporary, non-reliable and unsustainable solution. On another note, MP Qabbani announced the launch of self check-in machines at Beirut's airport and that planes will no…

MEA’s Cool New Safety Video

Middle East Airlines has finally changed its old safety video and replaced it with a cool and unconventional one. I love how they are shedding the light on Lebanon's touristic sites through the video. Check it out, it will take some time before we get bored of this one.

Travel & Leisure: #Beirut Named The Best International City for Food

3 months ago
Picture by Bethany Kehdy Food is probably the only thing we are still good at in Lebanon and we can still brag about. Nothing beats a typical Lebanese lunch with the tens of hot and ...

First Pictures of The New Lebanese Biometric Passports

4 months ago
Biometric passports are officially available as of today. Anyone can apply for the new passport and those who wish to replace their old passports can also do so. According to the below FTV report, the ...

Lebanese Stuck at Turkey’s Istanbul Airport, Lebanese Embassy Not Answering

4 months ago
Update (16/7/2016 8PM): Minister Bassil urged Lebanese consulate and embassy in Turkey to do the necessary to help the Lebanese stuck there. Embassy got in touch with the passengers according to LBCI. A group of ...

The Price You Pay For Water & A Red Bull Can At Beirut’s International Airport

4 months ago
A bottle of water and a red bull cost 14,000 LL at Cafematik at the Rafic Hariri airport, while they barely cost 3,000 LL anywhere else. The above bill was shared online and went viral, ...

Vogue Spends Four Perfect Days in Beirut

4 months ago
Alison Beckner came to visit Beirut for four days and the result was “a perfect storm of shopping, wining, dining, dancing, and—eventually—sleeping in this capital city where the Mediterranean meets the Middle East”. Friday at ...

Biometric Passports Expected Soon in Lebanon: Five Things You Need To Know

4 months ago
Back in 2014, the Lebanese cabinet approved Interior Minister Mashnouq’s proposal to replace the old passports by new biometric ones. Earlier this year, the Lebanese General Security forced all those with a renewed by hand ...

#LiveLoveLebanon: Promoting Rural Lebanon & Lebanese Traditional Guest Houses

5 months ago
If you want take a journey into the heart of rural Lebanon, there are tens of gorgeous guesthouses located in breathtaking locations and offering an authentic Lebanese experience. To name few: Bouyouti – Maasser Beiteddine ...

Ten Great Travel Destinations Where Lebanese Don’t Need a VISA

6 months ago
Even though we have one of the most expensive and least useful passports in the world, there are still some cool travel destinations that we can go to without a visa and MasterCard wants to ...