Public Works & Transport Minister Promised to Reopen Rene Mouawad Airport by Next Year

Public Works and Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos promised a couple of months ago pilgrims traveling to Mecca that they will be able to depart from the renovated Rene Moawad airport by next year. Back in April, DailyStar reported that "a delegation from Lebanon's Civil Aviation Authority inspected the Mouawad Air Base and drew up a preliminary evaluation detailing the needs of the air base and the requirements to re-open it". I am not sure how…

Electronic Ban lifted onboard MEA’s flights bound to London

Middle East Airlines just announced today to all its passengers that the ban on the carriage of larger phones, laptops and tablets in the cabin on-board MEA flights to London was finally lifted. Seven months ago, the UK issued a flight ban on anything electronic larger than a normal smartphone for direct flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The carriers affected are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines,…

Beirut Airport Expansion Planned To Accommodate An Additional 5 Million Passengers

7 months ago
The airport was originally built in 1992 to accommodate 6 million passengers and obviously need a whole revamp, not just an expansion plan. However the real problem is not only in the airport’s capacity but ...
Middle East

MEA Suspends Flights to Iraq’s Erbil

8 months ago
Iraq’s Kurdistan vote for independence has resulted in more than 92% of voters saying “Yes” and the Iraqi authorities don’t seem too happy about it. They have already ordered the country’s Kurdish area to surrender ...

How a non-Stop MEA Flight from Beirut to New York Looks Like

9 months ago
Lebanese President Michel Aoun headed to New York on Monday to take part in the UN General Assembly Annual meeting. The president’s flight was a ME001 non-stop presidential flight to New York JFK airport. Lebanese ...

Chaos at Beirut’s Airport

9 months ago
I had a flight today at 8:30AM so I got to the airport at 5:10AM to be on the safe side, especially after seeing what happened last week. Unfortunately, it was chaotic to say the ...

I Hate Loud People on a Plane

10 months ago
I don’t want to be the party-pooper here but people singing and dancing during a flight is probably the worst thing after turbulence. I’m never comfortable when I fly or even when I used to ...

Wings of Lebanon Makes Emergency Landing in Larnaca

10 months ago
A Wings of Lebanon charter plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Larnaca airport in Cyprus after the pilot’s windshield cracked in mid-flight at 37,000ft. The company eventually rented a MEA airplane to ...

MEA Passenger Makes Mid-Air Surprise Proposal

11 months ago
A Lebanese man chose to propose to his girlfriend on board of a MEA plane heading to Armenia. Someone filmed the whole thing and the Middle East Airlines offered the young couple free tickets to ...

Lebanese no longer need a Visa to Travel to Qatar

1 year ago
Qatar issued a memo yesterday adding Lebanon to its list of countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirement. The memo issued by Qatar’s Airport Passports Departments stated that tourist visas will be granted instantly ...