Ten Great Travel Destinations Where Lebanese Don’t Need a VISA

Even though we have one of the most expensive and least useful passports in the world, there are still some cool travel destinations that we can go to without a visa and MasterCard wants to remind us of some of them: 1- Mauritius 2- Turkey 3- Sri Lanka 4- Georgia 5- Jordan 6- Nepal 7- Malaysia 8- Oman 9- Seychelles 10- Maldives I am not so sure about Sri Lanka though as I know there…

48 Hours in #Beirut: I Love it!

A couple from Dubai visited Beirut for a crazy 48 hours and compiled everything they did into 5 minute video. They explored Beirut by day and night , took the Teleferique to Harissa, Jeita Grotto, Byblos Souks and ended their adventure at the one and only B018. I know these are all cliché things to do but tourists enjoy them and a lot of Lebanese, including myself, still enjoy them from time to time. Visiting…

I’m Going to Rome For The Opening of the Lebanese Museum of Modern Arts

7 months ago
Source I got an invite from the Ministry of Culture to cover the opening of the Lebanese Museum of Modern Arts in Rome from the 29th of April till May 1st. The museum is supposed ...

Caravan Beirut: Lebanese Designers Taking Over Georgetown Park, Washington D.C

7 months ago
More than 40 established and emerging Lebanese designers are flying all the way to Washington DC to take part in the Caravan Beirut pop-up store and showcase their talent and collections at the 4-day event ...

I Just Got A New 5-Year Passport

8 months ago
So everything we’ve been hearing about the renewed passport by hand and the Biometric passports being rolled out is wrong. I traveled with a renewed by hand passport without anyone stopping me and I just ...

CNTraveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2015: Beirut Among The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

9 months ago
Beirut made it to the the CNTraveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 Top 50 most beautiful cities in the world. In 2014, Beirut was also chosen among Beirut Among The Top 25 Cities in the World. ...

The General Security Adding More Confusion To The Renewed By Hand Passports

9 months ago
via Annahar First they released a memo that all those who have old renewed passports or passports that include accompanied individuals such as children need to get new passports before the 10th of January, after ...

Do We Need A Second Airport In Lebanon?

10 months ago
A friend sent me the above picture few days ago and asked me if it was feasible to make use of the Kleiat airport for commercial landings and take offs. I answered that renovating the ...

Meet The Instagram Bro

10 months ago
As soon as I confirmed my trip to Las Vegas to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I asked my brother who lives in Houston if he could join for few days to catch ...

Is The Lebanese Passport The Most Expensive In The World?

10 months ago
via Speaktheblues I was watching Hayda 7aki yesterday and they were comparing the price of a Lebanese passport vs other passports from around the world, so I looked up the world’s most expensive passports and ...