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Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim lending her voice to Lara Croft

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Nadine Njeim was elected Miss Lebanon in 2007.

While the actress Camilla Luddington is providing the English voice-over, the game has also been localised, with the Lebanese actress and model Nadine Njeim stepping in to give an Arabic lilt to the character, a first for an action-adventure title. “They just took out the English and translated it, but we had to adapt it to the tie frame we have and the lip synching we have,” says Njeim. “It was hard work because we tend to elongate things. A one-syllable word in English takes about 10 minutes in Arabic!”

Although she was named Miss Lebanon in 2007, Njeim admits it was a somewhat daunting task to take on Lara Croft. “It was kind of amazing to see yourself acting out a character who has a legacy in the international community, not to mention the fact you’re presenting a new version of her this time,” she says. “I was obsessed with the thought that millions of people are going to play this game, millions of people are going to hear my voice. What if I get it wrong?” [Source]


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PS4 release date set for Christmas 2013

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The new console looks great. Too bad we have to wait till December 2013 to get the new Play Station 4.


For those interested, you can read more about the new PS4 [features].

PS: I will try and ask if PS4 will be available in Lebanon in December.

Help Santa save Christmas! Fire his cannon at buildings and roadblocks!

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LebanonGames are inspired by the Lebanese daily life and created by Mercury.

SantaExpress is the latest game by Mercury [LebanonGames] where you get to help Santa save Christmas by firing his gift cannon over Beirut construction and roadblocks to deliver presents.

The game looks cool but I don’t think having Santa fire his cannon at buildings and over roadblocks in Lebanon sends the right message for Christmas. There’s also another game called “BadYear” where you have to shoot at protestors with fire extinguishers to keep the road clear. Not that I care, but it would have been a bit more appropriate if we had to extinguish burned tires without the need to kill the protestor lol!


3aja2it and Takkit are fun on the other hand!

If you want to give these games a try, click [Here].

Run for Peace Game

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Run For Peace is a new iPhone and iPad game about Peace. Salim, a new hero, is a peaceful guy who has dreamed about Peace since he was 3 years old. Unfortunately for him, Peace has not ever come to his part of the world.

One day he got so desperate that he decided to defy his fears. “Come on Salim, you are brave, show them what you can do!” he shouted to encourage himself. From that moment, he decided to embark on a Peace-spreading journey across the Middle East. []

Run for Peace is another game from GameCooks, the same people who brought us “Birdy Nam Nam” almost a year ago. All GameCooks members are Lebanese. [Website]

I downloaded the game and played it a bit and I was disappointed as a Lebanese not to see tires burning on my way. How dare they ignore such an important and crucial part of our Lebanese culture?

The game is available in the [AppStore]. Download it and show some support to our fellow Lebanese.

Straw Hat Legacy

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Straw Hat Legacy is an iPhone/iPad game designed by a Lebanese indie developer called EvilEggPlant Studios. I guess the Arabic for that would be الباذنجان الشريرة?

Anyway, EvilEggPlant was started up by two guys, Wael Ouaijan and Avak Avakian and Straw Hat Legacy is their first game release. You can watch the video of the game above or download it from the Apple Store [Here]

My brother also has an interview with them which you can check out on his blog [Here]