Picon Celebrating 50 Years with Heartwarming Videos

I gladly took part in Picon's 50 years campaign that celebrated motherhood in all its forms from the beginning of the journey till the end of it. Picon's homage to the Lebanese mother was reflected in a series of videos of Lebanese mothers from all over Lebanon. To be honest, I only had to choose and share one of them but I watched the whole series and loved it and thought it was worth highlighting…

My Five Favorite “El 3ama” Commentaries

El 3ama is an entertainement page that was kicked off less than a year ago and has produced over 50 hilarious commentaries on video clips, interviews and funny incidents. This guy has got some serious skills and his sarcastic commentary is always spot-on. If you haven't followed him yet, check out his page . Here are my five favorite videos: #1- Beirut Grand Prix commentary: I've played that one at least 10 times! #2- Myriam…

When Chef Antoine Mistakes “Tante Claire” for “Eclair”

1 month ago
This is hilarious! I have to give it to Hisham, he’s bringing out the best of chef Antoine 😀 ...

Video Shows Fight on Beirut-London MEA Flight

1 month ago
I heard about this fight yesterday but a video emerged today showing two passengers fighting on the plane. LBCI reported that one of the passengers “got into a dispute with an air hostess before assaulting ...

Stunning Drone Footage Over The Majestic Mount Sannine

1 month ago
Check out this beautiful drone footage taken over the majestic Mount Sannine by Ziad Orfali. There’s also a GOPRO footage skiing down “Al Bahsa” slope. Enjoy! ...

Stop Smoking Arguile

2 months ago
AUBMC is raising awareness through the below video on the dangers of smoking Shisha and how many perceive it as being less harmful than cigarettes. In order to do so, they teamed with a Shisha ...

A Magical Journey Inside Jeita Grotto By The Lebanese Wanderers

3 months ago
Check out this short but stunning video shot inside Jeita Grotto by French filmmaker Stanislas Giroux for Lebanese Wanderers. The page’s aim is to celebrate Lebanon’s beauty and they’re always sharing beautiful pictures and videos. ...

A Powerful Video & A Message of Hope By Silvio Chiha

3 months ago
Here’s another powerful and stunning video showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese water skiing champion. Silvio is sending a message of hope to all the Lebanese, showing ...

#MannequinChallenge Hits Beirut

3 months ago
The Mannequin Challenge is basically an internet video where people remain frozen while a video is being recorded. It only started trending few weeks ago but we already have a couple of #MannequinChallenge videos in ...

Video Shows How The Lebanese Army Captured Ain el Helweh’s Daesh Prince

4 months ago
The Lebanese Army issued a statement that they captured Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain el-Helwi and released a footage of the operation that took place inside the Palestinian camp’s Tawaree neighborhood. Several arrest warrants ...