A Powerful Video & A Message of Hope By Silvio Chiha

Here's another powerful and stunning video showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese water skiing champion. Silvio is sending a message of hope to all the Lebanese, showing them the true beauty of Lebanon but he's also asking them to take good care of their country and stop polluting and ruining it, to leave our beaches alone and stop privatizing them, to act more responsibly and appreciate what…

#MannequinChallenge Hits Beirut

The Mannequin Challenge is basically an internet video where people remain frozen while a video is being recorded. It only started trending few weeks ago but we already have a couple of #MannequinChallenge videos in Lebanon: One by Phoenicia Beirut and another by Red Bull Lebanon. Check them out: PS: Expect to start seeing these challenges at Lebanese weddings.

Video Shows How The Lebanese Army Captured Ain el Helweh’s Daesh Prince

5 months ago
The Lebanese Army issued a statement that they captured Daesh prince Imad Yasseen in Ain el-Helwi and released a footage of the operation that took place inside the Palestinian camp’s Tawaree neighborhood. Several arrest warrants ...

This is #Tripoli: A Beautiful Video by Nader Moussally

6 months ago
3 minutes and 37 seconds that sum up Lebanon’s second-largest city and one of my favorite cities Tripoli. I am over 4,000 years old. I have more than 400,000 children I have never preferred one ...

An Animated Song On Women’s Rights & Gender Equality in #Lebanon

6 months ago
“In My Hand” is an animated song about gender equality and women rights. It was written by Michelle Keserwany & Noel Keserwany, the same girls who wrote “Zaffatleh el tari2” and “Panique bil Parlement“. Women ...

A Beautiful Aerial Footage of Tripoli by Jonathan Deeb

7 months ago
Check out this aerial footage of Lebanon’s second-largest city and one of my favorite cities Tripoli. For those who wish to visit the city, check out my 20 things to do in Tripoli posts [Part1] ...

Aida Sabra Goes to Canada

7 months ago
Aida is a Lebanese actress, director and choreographer. I don’t know if she just moved to Canada or has been there for a while but she’s been sharing the most hilarious videos on life in ...

Random Car Going The Wrong Way in Yesterday’s Hill Climb

8 months ago
Photo Credits: Biser3a Lebanese Rally driver Jawad Slim almost got killed in yesterday’s hill climb when he almost crashed into a car going the wrong way. Slim was able to miss the incoming car and ...

#LiveLoveLebanon: Promoting Rural Lebanon & Lebanese Traditional Guest Houses

8 months ago
If you want take a journey into the heart of rural Lebanon, there are tens of gorgeous guesthouses located in breathtaking locations and offering an authentic Lebanese experience. To name few: Bouyouti – Maasser Beiteddine ...

A New Soap For Domestic Workers in Lebanon

9 months ago
KAFA came up with a new soap “Clensen Ozo Trio” especially made for foreign workers in Lebanon, and offered it to customers in a supermarket to see how they would react to it. Sadly enough, ...