A Stunning Drone View of AUB’s Campus

AUB 150 years celebrations have begun and they just released an amazing drone video of their campus. Check it out . In case you missed my previous post, I shared 18 Old & Recent Pictures to Celebrate AUB’s 150th Anniversary.

8 Things to Consider Before Signing up to Netflix

If you’re just getting started with Netflix, here are 8 tips for making the most of a Netflix streaming subscription: 1- Choose the right subscription plan: It offers three types of subscription plans; Basic, Standard or Premium. The Basic subscription plan is perfect for mobile-only users especially for people with a limited data plan, because movies will stream in SD and not HD. The Standard or Premium plan work perfectly on multiple devices whereby you…

Did You Like YouStink’s Furn el Chebbak FlashMob?

10 months ago
A young pregnant woman was shopping in Furn el Chebbak, her water broke, people rush to help her out and she ends up giving birth to a …. garbage bag. The act was well executed ...

UN Celebrating 70 Years Of Partnership With A Beautiful Tribute To Lebanon

11 months ago
Sigrid Kaag, the UN Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Actor and Producer George Khabbaz, Michael Haddad, The Chehade brothers, May Khalil and the Beirut Marathon team, Graffiti/street artist Yazan Halawani, radio hosts Olga Habre and Gavin ...

Closing Open Manholes During Winter

11 months ago
As soon as it starts to rain, roads are flooded with water (and garbage recently) in Lebanon and open manholes are no longer visible to drivers and pedestrians. Open manholes pose serious threat to commuters ...

Jounieh Bay Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

1 year ago
The video was shot by 961FastCam. The Jounieh bay is one of the most beautiful in Lebanon but it’s unfortunately ruined by the illegal beaches and the lack of decent beach resorts. This region has ...

Take The Ice Bucket Challenge To Help Raise Awareness on ALS

2 years ago
Check out the ice bucket challenge video that a group of Lebanese took part in to raise awareness on ALS. You can read more about ALS [Here]. ALS was first found in 1869 by French ...

Man Beats his Wife at Beirut Women’s Marathon

2 years ago
[YouTube] This is just a stunt (a very well done stunt) but it truly depicts how powerless some Lebanese women are when facing a violent husband. ...

Lebanese Alphabetical Easter Egg Hunt By The Brightside

2 years ago
A friend of mine sent me this video challenging me to figure out all the Lebanese Easter Eggs mentioned. I got most of them but missed out on a couple. Check it out as it’s ...

Iceland’s Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) TimeLapse By Karim BouKarim

2 years ago
[YouTube] Aurora Borealis is a beautiful natural light display in the sky that can extend as high as 640km above the earth’s surface. It is the result of “collisions between electrically charged particles from the ...