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Lebanese Stephanie Akkaoui at TEDxBelfastWomen

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Ever since I participated last year as a speaker at TEDxLAU, I’ve been listening to a lot of TED talks and enjoying them. Here’s a very interesting talk by Lebanese architect Stephanie Akkaoui who is currently residing in Amsterdam and heading the work of AKKA ARCHITECTS, an architecture & design practice, operating across Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf areas.

May Hariri making things worse for herself

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[YouTube] Start Watching at 1:04:00

Why isn’t she looking at Tony at the start when he’s talking to her? That’s quite rude but not as rude as when she stood and insulted him (Starting 1:19:00).

I think the best thing MTV should do is ignore her and enjoy all this free publicity for DWTS because no one’s buying her story.

Here’s an article resuming the interview. [Link]