Nemr Abou Nassar – LBCI Epic Fail

That's very disappointing to hear to say the least. I hope there's a good explanation to what happened specially that LBCI is still for me the best TV in Lebanon. As far as the event is concerned, I honestly haven't heard about it until now, so I guess TV coverage did help in a way haha! Mabrouk on the award Nemr!

Base Jump Beirut

3 years ago
Gustavo Areias Lol at his answers to the old guy he almost landed on! ...
Middle East

Planet Chronos (Dubai Timelapse)

3 years ago
The trailer for my current timelapse project about Dubai and its futuristic architecture. Release of the final video is planned for early 2014. [Vimeo] Beautiful. Looking forward to watching the final video once it gets ...

Bto2ta3 aw ma Bto2ta3?

3 years ago
An Interactive Play Exploring The Theme of “Freedom of Speech & Censorship in Lebanon ...

VICE on Sunni Child Soldiers in Tripoli

3 years ago
AP Photo/Bilal Hussein I follow VICE religiously. They have some of the most intense documentaries like the one on The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia. I hope one day they’ll make a video report on Tripoli ...

Beirut In Black & White

3 years ago
[YouTube] Via @MWNader ...

Driving in Lebanon

3 years ago
That was fun to watch! I counted at least 10 times where the driver could have had an accident and it showed how dangerous it is to drive on the Dahr el Baydar road (shown ...

Pictures and Video: Guns N’ Roses in Lebanon

3 years ago
Check out tons of pictures from the Guns N’ Roses concert in Lebanon [Here] and a video uploaded by Francois on his blog below. There are other videos that will follow but the internet connection ...