Lens on Life in Lebanon

LOLM_Ruta from Ann Megalla Lens on Life in Lebanon uploads stories captured & reflected through the eyes of migrant domestic workers living in Beirut. You can check out more videos and their website . Lens on Life Multimedia is a participatory photography workshop, exhibition and online initiative designed to give marginalised and persecuted groups a space to shape and share their unique story through the art of photography and digital storytelling. Our mission is to…

VIDEO: Drifting with Abdo Feghali

4 years ago
[YouTube] The Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifier was pretty cool today and I finally got the chance to drift with Abdo Feghali. I don’t know why people get scared or start yelling during a ...

Tom Young’s Carousel: Lebanon captured in paintings

4 years ago
[YouTube] via HayKhabriyeh ...

Nemr Abou Nassar – LBCI Epic Fail

4 years ago
[YouTube] That’s very disappointing to hear to say the least. I hope there’s a good explanation to what happened specially that LBCI is still for me the best TV in Lebanon. As far as the ...

Syrian Arrested and Beaten in Tripoli

4 years ago
[YouTube] This video is a month old yet pretty much shows how fragile the security situation is in Tripoli. It’s more than shameful to treat a human being this way, regardless of what he might ...

Base Jump Beirut

4 years ago
Gustavo Areias Lol at his answers to the old guy he almost landed on! ...
Middle East

Planet Chronos (Dubai Timelapse)

4 years ago
The trailer for my current timelapse project about Dubai and its futuristic architecture. Release of the final video is planned for early 2014. [Vimeo] Beautiful. Looking forward to watching the final video once it gets ...

Bto2ta3 aw ma Bto2ta3?

4 years ago
An Interactive Play Exploring The Theme of “Freedom of Speech & Censorship in Lebanon ...