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Lebanese Stephanie Akkaoui at TEDxBelfastWomen

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Ever since I participated last year as a speaker at TEDxLAU, I’ve been listening to a lot of TED talks and enjoying them. Here’s a very interesting talk by Lebanese architect Stephanie Akkaoui who is currently residing in Amsterdam and heading the work of AKKA ARCHITECTS, an architecture & design practice, operating across Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf areas.

May Hariri making things worse for herself

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[YouTube] Start Watching at 1:04:00

Why isn’t she looking at Tony at the start when he’s talking to her? That’s quite rude but not as rude as when she stood and insulted him (Starting 1:19:00).

I think the best thing MTV should do is ignore her and enjoy all this free publicity for DWTS because no one’s buying her story.

Here’s an article resuming the interview. [Link]

Super.Full. by Lebanese Niam Itani

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Richest city in the world. A poor disabled couple. A dream. And a heartbreak.

Lebanese Niam Itani is a finalist this year in the Your Film Festival, YouTube’s movie competition in partnership with iconic US über director Ridley Scott and the Venice Film Festival. Her film “Super.Full.” has already been screened at several international competitions and won at Forster Film Festival in Australia earlier this year. [Link]

The film is shot in Doha, Qatar.