Chili’s to open in Gemmayze

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Chili’s Margarita bar will finally open its doors on June 1st in Gemmayze. I heard that the municipality was giving them a hard time which is why the opening got delayed by a few months.

According to Gino’s Weekly leaks, they’ve been ready to open for quite some time. [Story]

Hoping that more bars with awesome food like Chili’s open up to replace the many overpriced lousy-food bars we have now.

7 thoughts on “Chili’s to open in Gemmayze

  1. Leila

    who has better mexican? plz don’t tell me molino coz it sux compared to chili’s… they have the best fajitas, margaritas, babyback ribs… so on nothing compares (at least so far)

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