Climb 4 Hope for The Nawaya Network

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The five climbers are:
Tarek Kabrit
Ziad Shaaban
Ayman Chalhoub
Ali Shahrour
Hussam Ziadeh

On the 19th of August 2012, 5 climbers from Lebanon and Jordan will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in an attempt to reach the summit in 10 days. By overcoming the challenges on the mountain they hope to demonstrate to all the youth of Lebanon that they too can overcome barriers in reaching their highest potential.

The team have chosen to support their cause through fundraising for The Nawaya Network and are looking for your support in helping them reach their fund raising goal of $5,000. The Nawaya Network is a non-profit dedicated to developing the talents of promising underprivileged youth in Lebanon ( The support of your donations to The Nawaya Network is a key element of the team’s success.

For those of you who wish to donate, click [Here].

To know more about Nawaya, click [Here].

17 thoughts on “Climb 4 Hope for The Nawaya Network

  1. Tomp

    So a group of people decide to do something with no real cause and can’t afford it are looking for support?! COOL!!

    I want to buy the new Macbook Pro Retina laptop to review it and prove to the Lebanese people that the new Mac is much better than it’s predecessor. All kinds of donations/support is appreciated.

    1. Armigatus

      You could research and see for yourself whether the cause is worthy or not, before jumping to condescending conclusions.

      I would give you 5,000$ right now, let us see how far you can go. (and no, getting drunk/wasted on a beach club doesn’t count)

    2. HaDy

      Yet again another stupid comment by another ignorant person. I guess this country is going down the craphole for directly jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

      Good going mr. Tomp. Go tomp your head against the wall.

    3. Desmond Bey

      Hat tip Tomp, that’s really funny!

      If it does cost $1000 (and from the deep Google research I have conducted, it seems to be so…) to climb Kilimanjaro then that’s 5 grand right there for the charity.

      Just because they have a cause doesn’t mean it has to be everyone’s cause. So forgo the holiday trip up a mountain and give the 5 grand you have for costs. Simple.

      1. Armigatus


        Did you take into account the vaccines cost, plane ticket, hotel fees, transportation, climbing gear, clothes, food… in your deep research?

        It is so easy to write condescending comments, attacking someone willing to climb a 6000m mountain in Tanzania to promote a good cause. (2 actually)

        1. Desmond Bey


          Did you take into account that if they took all the money they had to provide themselves with vaccines, tickets, hotels, transportation, climbing gear, clothes and food they would have a lot more to give the charity than $5000.
          My comment was not condescending (hence my ironic “deep research” comment) merely pointing out the flaw in the logic – spending more than 5k to gain 5k – and certainly wasn’t attacking the people doing it.
          Also, condescending is really not easy to do well.

          1. user

            it is not all about the money, they might have spent more preparing for the trip. but awareness to their cause is more important. i mean how many of you knew about

            exactly!! so stop your negative comments and do something good for the charity.

            i would love to see you people donating your money for the cuase. if you and Tomp donated for the climb, maybe they would have raised more than 5,000$
            but i guess you are saving for a macbook!!

          2. Desmond Bey

            They are called different points of view for a reason, user – I hope you understand what debate means.
            Now I know about and still won’t donate because I give to causes that I believe are more important.

            My comments are not negative at all…slightly sarcastic, maybe, but not negative.

            Negative would be your point about “you people…saving for a macbook.”
            Personally, my sights are set much higher…

  2. CK

    It costs minimum 1000$ per person to climb mount kilimanjaro and you can’t get away from paying that because the tanzanian government forces you to go through a company there. You are not allowed togo up without one. Who is going to pay that?

    1. HaDy

      They should pay for it themsleves. If it’s 1000$ per person and they’re 5 people, then all the money collected has been spent on funding their trip and nothing goes to charity. Quite a nice cause if you ask me. More like a scam.

      1. Desmond Bey

        If you’re the same HaDy as above, you’ve changed your tune and should offer Tomp the Macbook Pro Retina as compensation….

        1. HaDy

          Mr. Bey, money raised for a cause should not be used to fund the trip, wouldn’t you agree? In other words, they are going on a free trip courtesy of people who think are giving away to charity. I know of a case where two people did the same trip and where I provided money and was angered when I found out that they weren’t funding the trip themselves but instead were “dipping” in the pot to pay for everything. I find it outrageous. As for Tomp’s Macbook Pro Retina, what a waste of money.

          1. Najib

            There’s nothing that suggests that they are collecting money for their own trip.

            Maybe they are paying for their own trip and thought they’d help Nawaya by doing so.

          2. Armigatus

            Here is the message being promoted:

            “The team have chosen to support their cause through fundraising *for* The Nawaya Network and are looking for your support in helping them reach their fund raising goal of $5,000.”

            If anyone has proof that this money is spent by Nawaya on activities other than “developing the talents of promising underprivileged youth in Lebanon,” only then you have a good case.

      2. Randa Kabrit

        Hi my name is Randa Kabrit, I am the wife of one if the 5 climbers of Climb 4 Hope..

        It’s a great shame to read comments that jump to illogical conclusions that the climb is a scam an the climbers are using the donations to fund their trip.

        Here are the facts before you make irrational conclusions:

        – the climbers have each paid for their trip expenses individually. None of the donations were used for that purpose.

        – The 5000$ raised were donated in their entirety to The Nawaya Network. To learn more about what the NGO does please visit

        On a personal note, it’s a shame that you would choose to insult this initiative instead of showing your support. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a vacation, it takes months of preparation and training to be ready to endure the harsh conditions of alpine desert and lack of oxygen at 6000 m.

        But if you want to call it a vacation so be it, let’s see you raise 5000$ for charity the next time you decide to spend your money on a vacation instead of donating it to an NGO .

        I guess it’s easier to sit at your computer and be a cynical useless waste if space instead.


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