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For the past couple of days I was trying a new commenting system called Disqus. Due to some complaints I decided to uninstall it but sadly I couldn’t retrieve the comments from the past 2 days. Even though I am supposed to be able to recover the comments I kept getting an error so I had to make a choice, either uninstall Disqus and lose the comments from the past two days or leave Disqus so not to lose any comments. I decided to uninstall Disqus and lose the comments since in the long run it’s a better move.

On the bright side you can now subscribe to comments by ticking the box below the comments submit button.

Sorry about all this.

5 thoughts on “Comments gone missing

  1. haissam

    it looked good, but i had a really hard time commenting. Actually i was unable to comment at all, the good old system is the best 🙂

  2. Mustapha

    yeah, that makes two of us. But I’m surprised why you couldn’t restore your comments. It’s in the settings (sync), I’m sure you can make it work, do you need a hand?

  3. Mark

    everytime i synced it failed. I tried manually exporting and importing but Disqus updated their export file recently and the import plugin now can’t read it yet.

  4. Mustapha

    I uninstalled Disqus just 2 days ago (they also had the new export format). What I did is that i synced BEFORE uninstalling disqus and things went well.

    I’m assuming your wordpress is self hosted right?


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