7 thoughts on “Death Penalty for Myriam’s killer?

  1. Mariam

    Very disturbed indeed. Chora2yak.. I think you are coming off sarcastic but in places where the law is fair this guy would be mentally assessed and then based on the outcome they either put him in jail or a mental institute for the rest of his llife. I’m against the death penalty which is one of the options. But then if they throw him in Roumieh and he gets out we have a problem.

  2. Alf

    He wanted to rape her, he couldn’t. He was scared to get busted so he killed her. After that he tried to steal from her. I don’t think he is disturbed. He is a criminal. Otherwise, all criminals will be disturbed or mentally ill.

    1. Moses

      Yes, he is disturbed because he tried to rape her while she was dying and bleeding!! If that’s not disturbed then I don’t know what is. How can you have the urge of forcefully having sex with a person who has her throat slit and bleeding like a river?

  3. lila

    What the fuckkkk aren’t you hearing the news, everyday there’s a robbery,he should be hung and flamed alive ,that will teach criminals a lesson as well as syrians


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