Did L’Oreal Fire Najwa Karam for Praising Hitler?

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Start watching at Minute 33:51

Update: I just got a confirmation from a friend who worked with L’Oreal that she was fired.

Remember the TV show where Najwa Karam picked Adolph Hitler as one of the many men that, if combined, would make her ideal man? Well it seems L’Oreal ended its collaboration with the Lebanese singer following her interview back in June 2012 but it hasn’t been made official yet.

The reason I remember that now is that I was reading an article published in Al Balad newspaper few days ago on that matter where they are trying to justify what Najwa Karam said and explaining that it wasn’t that wrong.

I am glad they fired her. It was an irresponsible answer.

17 thoughts on “Did L’Oreal Fire Najwa Karam for Praising Hitler?

  1. Lebo

    This is shameful! When some write “Najwa Karam praised Hitler”, it makes people think that she praised his ‘killing’ and his actions during WWII. Whereas she only mentioned a trait of his character. There is nothing irresponsible about her answer, am I sorry. We are in Lebanon here, not in the US where when someone mention the jews or hitler byenzaloulak bekeh. E5er hamna in Lebanon nra3eh “chou3our” el jews. Najwa Karam akbar men hek bi ktir.

    1. Desmond Bey

      Lebo, FYI it wasn’t only Jews Hitler killed – gypsies, homosexuals, physically disabled, mentally disabled, wrong skin colour, anyone any of his officers didn’t like…you get the picture.
      As for Najwa Karam…well, it’s like you praising some Israeli leader’s personality – then saying “OK, he’s a murdering bastard but soooooooo charismatic.”

      1. Sarah

        Allow me to add this: The Nazi regime underwent experiementations on twins.. yep.. twins and then gently ended their lives of course. [Supervised by D. Mengele]

        But again what do you expect from a nation who doesn’t know its proper history… You can’t blame it for ignoring WWII history.
        And this is NOT how we serve the cause.

        Ok I just wasted 3 mins reacting to something Najwa Karam said… I’m going to read a book or something to refill the gap I just created in my brain.


    2. Gianni


      If you do not see anything wrong in what Najwa Karam said; in praising “a trait of his character”(according to you)of a monster who masterminded the genocide and premeditated extermination of millions of people (not only people of Jewish faith); then you should grow up or hang back in your crib!

      I repeat Najwa is a total idiot for her utterance and she should apologize…Past that I think she is an insignificant crumb in annals of history!

    3. Michele

      Then Lebo, if we must follow your logic, then Najwa should praise:

      Ghaddafi for his sense of Humour,
      Mubarak for his Ambition,
      Assad for his Determination; wait! Actually Najwa did praise Assad in a song :S

  2. Alphonse

    Someone must have missed the fine print and Disclaimer at the bottom of the page 😛

    Hitler for charisma? Ever heard of Bashir ya zzzakiyyééé..

    ولّا إنّـو الكنـيــسـة القـريـبـة ما بتـشــفـي؟؟

  3. Aida

    She said she wants his speech power…. But if we were to judge only Hitler’s speeches, he looked & behaved like a dictator, who is brutal and his hand movements and facial expressions can’t win anyone over. The Germans who followed him, were either forced, or feeling they needed to regain their pride which was disgraced in WW1 in the shame of the car, outside versaille . but if I were her I would choose Tony Blair, Barak Obama , or the nationalistic Churchill, whose words until this day makes sense to the whole world…

  4. John

    This is hardly surprising coming from an Arab. Their culture and mentality are primitive and backwards.
    Racism is a norm and it goes without saying they generally hate all that is Jewish/Israeli


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