Dinner in the Sky – Beirut

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Most of you have probably heard about Dinner in the Sky if not click [Here]. The same guy who has the Ferrari 599 GTO below also had dinner in the sky and uploaded those videos to his YouTube account. The one above is the best of the bunch. Looks pretty cool. [YouTube]

Now if you want to be nosy like me you can check out all the guys videos by following this [Link]. He has a ton of cool videos mostly of some of the coolest rides in Lebanon. I would have love to have been on this outing.. [Link]

2 thoughts on “Dinner in the Sky – Beirut

  1. sinaida

    Great blog guys. Keep it up. Loved the piece on Dinner in the Sky. It’s run by Alfred Asseily. I designed Capital A Bar for him.

    Take care

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