Disappointing Stone Restaurant

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I finally went to visit Stone restaurant after hearing so much about it, and one thing’s for sure that looks can be deceiving. The place is beautiful from the outside but the food is average and the service is slow.

The place was almost empty when we got there, probably because it was a Sunday night, but still there was no one at the entrance to welcome us in. The restaurant is beautiful from the inside, with the chimney, stone walls and lighting, yet it’s not as big as it appears and barely fits 150 people.

The menu is international but not that rich, and has some spelling mistakes. I know it’s not a big deal but it’s a major turnoff for me especially when the restaurant is supposed to be a fancy one.

Nevertheless, we ordered an appetizer, a goat cheese sandwich, a chicken platter and two pizzas. The appetizer was tiny but ok, the goat cheese sandwich was good but the pizzas and the chicken platter were bad (Chicken tasted funny). Pizzas were supposedly made Italian-style but are crap when compared to Olio, La Piazza, Marguerita pizzas for example. Pizzas might not be Stone’s specialty, but salads and main dishes were also not appealing.

One last thing that caught my attention was the spot dedicated to the Tenor Eliya Francis who performs there every Thursday. It’s right next to the chimney and very close to the tables which is pretty inconvenient for the audience.

In all, the restaurant has a great location, a great interior and a beautiful view, but average food. I think they should make better pizzas, enhance their menu by adding some Cheese & Wine formula, or maybe Fondue For Two and a salad bar.

7 thoughts on “Disappointing Stone Restaurant

  1. Farah

    Come on!! i just went today to Olio in le mall , sin el fil , it was very good !the service was super fast and the waiters were really nice and the food delicious.
    i guess you should try another branch.

    1. Mark

      I don’t know about Olio in Le Mall but after my last two trips to Olio Gymayze I decided I’m not going back. Their pizzas were great a few years back but recently they’ve gone downhill.

  2. clarissa

    “A chacun son gout”. I founded the place so cozy and don’t see how people can be disappointed when seeing such a charming décor.

    I visited Stone last Thursday with my husband and some friends after hearing a lot about it and about the special entertainment of Eliya Francis; the ambiance was great and the fact that the Tenor was so close to people was even better then you can imagine coz there is a direct interaction between audience and Eliya.

    We were 7 persons and shared appetizers, salads, pizzas and main courses.
    As appetizers we took the garlic bread, the mozarrella balls and the bruschetta (Yummy!) We also shared crab and ceasar salads and honestly both were so appetizing. We took the classic pizza and it was really something I would come and eat again and I liked the presentation and the size of this pizza. We also had a chicken plate (something with mushroom and sundried tomato) and I loveddddddd that plate and the salmon course (you should not miss it).

    I also liked their open kitchen; they are really courageous to do it and i appreciate such initiative

    Stone was a very good experience for us and I highly recommend it.

    One last thing, before leaving, we checked the terrace outside and its huuugggeee with perfect view. I am eager to visit it in the summer.

  3. Michel

    For the guy who wrote this comment about stone i just wanted to tell him that he is stupid and his words are verryyyyyyy cheap it shows that he is competing against Stone which is the Best restaurant in Lebanon, so i suggested you to keep ur silly opinion for your self and for ur family, we don’t need ur opinion and suggestions.

    1. CHIMENE

      Dear sir,

      it’s right that i didnt go to stone restaurant and i am not the one who wrote this article! but i have a small thing to mention, each one of us has his own opinion what is nice for you might be bad for other and vice versa! the one who is using a cheap words are you in your last comment! the guy didn’t like the restaurant w howe 7or! show some respect!

  4. julien

    i didn’t go to that place, but an open kitchen! now that’s really fancy and brave indeed! maybe u shoulda waited and proposed there Najib ;P

    anyways nice blog, i really LIKE™ it! cheers lebanon! 😀


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