Egyptian to fight lion

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I thought nothing could beat UFC’s action but it looks like we are one step away from having gladiators again.

In an unusual move to revive Egyptian tourism, a young Egyptian man has announced he will fight an African lion. Al-Sayed al-Essawy said he bought the lion, which weighs 280 kilograms, for $4,200 and he’ll use only an iron shield and dagger to defend himself… but will kill the lion with his own hands. [Link]

Not even Lebanon’s Chamchoun dared such a thing.

I truly hope the local authorities will stop him from this barbaric act as I don’t see how killing a lion could revive Egypt’s tourism.

10 thoughts on “Egyptian to fight lion

  1. jeff

    WTF!! Reflection of their culture??? Is this the way to show the outside world that they are civilized?

  2. Helene

    Egypt must go to great lengths in hard times. The only thing more entertaining might be Mubarak fighting the Lion.

  3. Jimmy

    This is so stupid, and pointless. I’m so tired of Egypt’s bullshit. This is not the first or last time they will do something like this. Remember the pig culling that these primitive people engaged in during the swine flu? I will never visit Egypt or support these scumbags.

  4. haley

    i hope it chews his fucking head off. i thought he was going to kill it with his hands not a dagger, wot a tosser.just shows there still living in the dark ages .i really hope this backfires and he ends up in a box haha stupid cruel man

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