18 thoughts on “Elections in Egypt

  1. Jimmy

    Haven’t you seen the Egyptian movie Bekheit & Adeela بخيت وعديلة part 2, with Adel Imam and Shirihan? It’s also known as “el Gardal & el Kanaka” الجردل والكنكة. They were given the “gandal” (what we call in Lebanon “saTl سطل”) and “kanaka” (what we call “rakweh ركوة”) as symbols to identify them during the elections. As Joe said, it’s for those who can’t read.

    Well, it’s a good way to make everybody, even the illiterate, really chose whoever they want.

  2. dory

    Hhahahhaah funnyyy this is the arab’s new spring they want !! I hope they are happy for the results !! Alla la y2imon 😀 (my personal opinion :D)

      1. johnny.b

        they look funny … hayda mich manzar … and don’t pretend ur open minded and open minded and ktir cool … chaklon bi da7ek w ma fik tenkor

        1. Ahmed

          What is the “manzar” that meets your Phoenician taste Johnny? Is it the blue-eyed, European-looking one? You see, your and other comments on this post, simply confirm what was always public knowledge: Lebanese Christians are radical extremists, with a superiority complex that is based on nothing…

          1. Ali Sleeq


            I’m not a christian so your post is invalid.

            It is of no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies do not confirm to the ideals of a modern secular state.

            There are extremists on both sides, Islam being more apparent (niqab and long beards etc).

            Niqab does not conform to Lebanese society. I live in Kuwait, so here it is more acceptable since this their culture.

            So calm down, this is not about hating Islam, but rather against extremism.

  3. KM

    what an arab spring indeed…
    a ninja women whose face u cant even c to knw whether to vote for her or not,,, men who look like cavemen… yalla if they win, men can marry 4 women, beat the shit out of them by law, shaving would become illegal, wearing bikinis a crime, other religions considered blasphemy,

    I for one do not care for these stupid countries as long as they do not touch our lebanese model, the more these countries from egypt to tunisia, libya, yemen, KSA, & many others fall in these shitholes the more businesses lebanon will attract being a safehaven for moderate people & businessmen…

    1. Paula

      do u really believe they wont effect Lebanon ?? we have these extremists here and unfortunately they are being supported especially that extremists in arab countries are ruling it now


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