Ethiopian woman hit by a car in Verdun

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Picture from the “Die-in” Protest for migrant workers staged by Lebanese on Saturday, by Al-Akhbar

An Ethiopian woman was hit by a backing car today in Verdun and the driver did not even bother to go down and check on the poor woman. No one bothered to help her as well or call the ambulance.

Read the full story on LiBeirut’s blog [Here].

2 thoughts on “Ethiopian woman hit by a car in Verdun

  1. Tony

    I’m Lebanese, I LOVE Lebanon but more and more often I’m feeling ashamed to be lebanese !
    What’s this inhuman country? Who are these fucking Lebanese guys who think they are the best, while they are nothing ?!
    I’m proud when my friends told me that lebanese are friendly and open minded (thanks to migrant lebanese), but when I look lebanese people living in Lebanon I’m sometimes scare that we are the ONLY people regressing in humanity.

    We were kings, now we are becoming dogs !
    Please before act, think it.


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