FAIL: Closing The Zouk Mosbeh Bridge During Eid

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Muslims in Lebanon and in the world will celebrate Eid in the upcoming days and it’s a tradition for Muslims in Lebanon to go to amusement parks or drive to the mountains for a change, mainly Dream Park in Zouk and the Karting circuit next to it. Having said that, I don’t know who’s the genius who decided to close down the Zouk Mosbeh bridge for the next two days but they sure picked the worst time to do so.

The good thing is that they left it open from 6pm till 10pm but it’s still a very bad timing. In fact, I am spending 15 to 20 minutes more time to get from Jeita to the highway ever since they started working on that bridge earlier this week, so you can imagine what will happen when it is closed.


7 thoughts on “FAIL: Closing The Zouk Mosbeh Bridge During Eid

  1. abaretruth

    Indeed whoever is behind this is a genius. How to complicate everyone’s life and turn this holidays into a nightmare is a national sport among municipalities.

  2. Gianni

    Seriously? If the work was scheduled; then it’s done! I am against all bigotry; however I am also against accommodating every single freaking whim of each sect; religion or organization!Let them use an alternate route! Is that freaking bridge gateway to heaven?
    This is what’s wrong with Lebanon. Everyone is so sensitive…

    1. Najib Post author

      The bridge has been damaged since March or February. Believe it or not there isn’t really any other proper alternative to going to Beirut if you are heading down from Jeita or Zouk.

      I will show you a map if you want 🙂

  3. Gianni

    Dude it’s an inconvenience that we all experience on the other side of the continent. Your point was that it should not have been done during the Eid…

    Should they ask for permission on when to start?

    1. rachel 82

      Dude , i don’t get your point yet!
      all people&religions in Lebanon are on vacation for 2 days and roads will be jammed with cars everywhere

      this is the main bridge to zouk and it’s already kind of jammed on normal days

      they could have simply closed it on a different day

      and your idea of an alternate route is really a bad one.
      you probably don’t know anything about this area

  4. Gianni

    rachel 82,

    I really don’t care about your holidays! I am sure all people were out partying eh? On the contrary; I would expect less traffic when the stores/offices/government is closed! If you do not know anything about Civil engineering please stay out of it! I would suggest the roads would be more jammed on a regular work day than a holiday!


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