Fashion Show on the Highway!

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Almost 1 hour and half from Jounieh to Beirut in the morning and 2 hours on the way back.
Why you ask? Because Nathaly’s Agency were authorized by the minister of public works, Mount Lebanon governor and the ISF to hold a fashion show right on the Naccache bridge.

For all of those who don’t know where that bridge is, it is situated on the highway between Antelias and Dbayyeh and is a crucial road for almost everyone going down to Beirut from Naccache or its surroundings.

How stupid should one be to authorize such a thing? WTF were they thinking? And it is not just for one day but three!

MTV are broadcasting a special report on this incident tonight.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Show on the Highway!

  1. Eliedh

    Saw them filming at 7 on my way back and had to go to Dbayeh to turn this morning!!
    WTF were they thinking! Schools and unis are starting w bala chi bya3mlo 3aj2a!

  2. Najib Post author

    Nathaly herself was surprised to see people’s reaction to that. chou hal bala zo2 hayde ..

    As if we cant do an anti-drug campaign except on a freaking bridge where half a million pass by everyday.

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  4. annie

    Hahaha fashion show on Naccache bridge ?Who the hell is that Nathaly ,is that the same women who hosted the Playboy girls (bala ma nsamiwon shi tene halla w bala ma nsamiya shi tene) in Lebanon’s nightclubs?They were right and right about her and cheap people like her and her supporters ,I don’t get it how many people support her ,at least let her support a good cause ,something like against the traffic in Lebanon,if she’s running a fashion show on Naccache Bridge ,and hell I’ll boycott that show ,and will make it one BIG HELL FOR HER

  5. Joanne Lawen

    Hmmmm… I’d like to have a BIG event on the new Dora Highway… facing City Mall ! Imagine That! bahaha… Gotta love Lebanon.
    Traffic was horrible. This is making headlines all over!


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