Fatburger Coming to Lebanon

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The popular US burger chain Fatburger is going to open up in Lebanon in around 5 months time. Their first branch will be located at the soon to open City Center mall with a second branch to open at a later stage in Debayeh. Their burgers and fries kick ass and since the burger scene in Lebanon is fairly disappointing with the only decent burger place being Brgr Co, I think Fatburger will end up doing pretty well.

16 thoughts on “Fatburger Coming to Lebanon

  1. Najib

    Weird that they open in 5 months. Summer is 3 months away and they could benefit from the high season in June-July-August.

    Looking forward to it.

          1. Najib

            Lol I was wondering why and now that you asked about Beirut City Centre, something’s not right if they are due to open in 5 months and the mall opens in 2013.

            Ba3den droure yefta7o hal2ad b3eed?? Jounieh is such a nice city :D

    1. Hashem

      Fatburger is now openned at Beirut City Center Food court, with great success serving the best burgers that I have ever had period. You have got to try it all. I guess the information posted that Fatburger will open in 5 months in in correct. It is up and running

  2. Mark Post author

    Probably it officially opens in 2013 but soft launch ahead of time. for example in kuwait there is a mall called Al Hamra they’re opening in a month or two I think but Hermes opened up there a few months back.

  3. The Razor

    What we need in Lebanon is a Shake Shack burger and not Fatburger. Dunno why, but Fatburger failed outside the US maybe because it doesn’t taste the same

    1. Mark Post author

      Fatburger have pretty good burgers. Yes In-N-Out would be great but thats not gonna happen, not until it opens up in Kuwait first and that hasn’t happened yet. Five Guys might though since I was told they would be opening up in Kuwait.

      Note: Kuwait is the burger capital of the world if you weren’t aware of it.

        1. Alex

          In-N-Out won’t happen anytime soon since it’s not and not expected to be a franchise. :(

          I miss my in-n-out


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