Fatburger Coming to Lebanon

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The popular US burger chain Fatburger is going to open up in Lebanon in around 5 months time. Their first branch will be located at the soon to open City Center mall with a second branch to open at a later stage in Debayeh. Their burgers and fries kick ass and since the burger scene in Lebanon is fairly disappointing with the only decent burger place being Brgr Co, I think Fatburger will end up doing pretty well.

16 thoughts on “Fatburger Coming to Lebanon

  1. Najib

    Weird that they open in 5 months. Summer is 3 months away and they could benefit from the high season in June-July-August.

    Looking forward to it.

          1. Najib

            Lol I was wondering why and now that you asked about Beirut City Centre, something’s not right if they are due to open in 5 months and the mall opens in 2013.

            Ba3den droure yefta7o hal2ad b3eed?? Jounieh is such a nice city 😀

    1. Hashem

      Fatburger is now openned at Beirut City Center Food court, with great success serving the best burgers that I have ever had period. You have got to try it all. I guess the information posted that Fatburger will open in 5 months in in correct. It is up and running

  2. Mark

    Probably it officially opens in 2013 but soft launch ahead of time. for example in kuwait there is a mall called Al Hamra they’re opening in a month or two I think but Hermes opened up there a few months back.

  3. The Razor

    What we need in Lebanon is a Shake Shack burger and not Fatburger. Dunno why, but Fatburger failed outside the US maybe because it doesn’t taste the same

    1. Mark

      Fatburger have pretty good burgers. Yes In-N-Out would be great but thats not gonna happen, not until it opens up in Kuwait first and that hasn’t happened yet. Five Guys might though since I was told they would be opening up in Kuwait.

      Note: Kuwait is the burger capital of the world if you weren’t aware of it.

        1. Alex

          In-N-Out won’t happen anytime soon since it’s not and not expected to be a franchise. 🙁

          I miss my in-n-out


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