Blog Baladi Made in Lebanon Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:51:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Man Beats His Wife And Leaves Her On The Side Of A Road In Tripoli Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:51:53 +0000 [YouTube]

This is not the first time he beats her apparently yet she refuses to file a lawsuit against him. Lawsuit or not, the man beat her in a public place and should be arrested. This is not just a case of domestic violence, this is an assault on an innocent woman and her kid.

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Baabda Wel Helou Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:11:02 +0000 10295744_10152335518715289_4989000449923865412_n

I would have added: Yi7ello 3anna kelloun :D

Done by my friend Trella

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Nadine Moussa First Lebanese Woman To Run For Presidency Tue, 22 Apr 2014 17:57:17 +0000 [YouTube]

I am quite surprised to hear she’s the first woman to ever run for presidency. Too bad Nadine doesn’t stand a chance at all.

PS: She shouldn’t have put myself as the alternative for Geagea and Aoun.

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What Every Arab Country Is Worst at … Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:43:02 +0000 facebook_511277706

The above list was compiled by a website called Raseef22, and Lebanon is featured as being the Arab country where politicians are the least trustworthy.

This is indeed correct and was mentioned in the 2013 Global Competitiveness Report that I posted about back in October. There are a lot of indicators that rank Lebanon and other Arab countries that you can check [Here] (Go To Page 403).

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Ice Cube Bragging About His New Movie “Ride Along” Being A Hit In Lebanon Tue, 22 Apr 2014 02:14:51 +0000 [YouTube]

Listen to the first minute.

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ISF Launch #زغير_البيت Child Safety Awareness Mon, 21 Apr 2014 12:40:40 +0000 isf

The Internal Security Forces launched the #زغير_البيت campaign on Twitter last week to raise child safety awareness, and the importance of putting children in car safety seats when driving. I thought the hashtag was quite original and a lot of Lebanese use it to tweet pictures of their children.

It’s good to see the ISF making good use of twitter and the internet, and I believe they should get closer to bloggers, influential tweeps and the whole Lebanese online community in order to make the best out of social media. More importantly, following up should be crucial to any campaign. For example, the منحط_دركي_لكل_سيارة campaign that was started by the Ministry of Interior back in January was great but a lot of people posted pictures of policemen and officials breaking the law and to my knowledge, no measures were taken against any of them. Moreover, a lot of pictures are shared daily showing idiots making stunts with their bikes on the highways without helmets or anything and nothing’s being done to arrest them.

I think the initiatives being taken recently by the ISF are very encouraging but more actions need to be taken regarding the daily violations we are all aware of.


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Zouk Mikhael Road Sign: Pedestrians Have Rights Too Mon, 21 Apr 2014 10:17:25 +0000 WP_20140419_002

I like the fact that the Zouk Mikhael municipality cares for pedestrians but that’s a sign for elderly or disabled people crossing the road.

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Former Minister Fadi Abboud And News Anchor Dima Sadek In Favor Of Legalizing The Cultivation Of Marijuana Mon, 21 Apr 2014 10:00:10 +0000 lebanon-marijuana-green-08-07 Picture From The Daily Star

Lebanon’s former Tourism Fadi Abboud called for the “legalization of the cultivation of marijuana, and the authorization of its use for medical purposes and exportation” a couple of weeks back and LBCI’s TV host Dima Sadek tweeted in favor of cultivating marijuana few days ago. Even Al-Akhbar newspaper back in September asked on their front page to legalize weed as it’s the only source of income for a lot of Lebanese families.

I’ve already posted about this matter last year and said that while I have nothing against legalizing it, we need a proper plan to start the cultivation and let the government profit from it to close the debt and not gangs and armed groups. Honestly speaking, I don’t see how this can be done in our current state and I really wish someone proposes a viable plan and present it (Why didn’t Abboud propose this while he was still minister?). One of the readers suggested that the authorities strike a deal with the families growing marijuana so that both parties could benefit, but this is just to good to be true, specially when marijuana trade is thriving with or without the government’s approval and the areas where it’s being grown are out of the state’s control.

On a positive note, I am glad the marijuana issue is being brought up to the public as there’s a lot of misconception around it and I noticed a lot of people still associate it with hard-core drugs which is totally wrong.


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Tolteech Mon, 21 Apr 2014 03:30:10 +0000 [YouTube]

I was watching MaFiMetlo’s latest episode and this clip cracked me up.

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Lebanese Alphabetical Easter Egg Hunt By The Brightside Sun, 20 Apr 2014 20:27:50 +0000

A friend of mine sent me this video challenging me to figure out all the Lebanese Easter Eggs mentioned. I got most of them but missed out on a couple. Check it out as it’s fun and creative.

And Happy Easter to all!

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The Lebanese Transparency Association Anti-Corruption Campaign Sat, 19 Apr 2014 19:51:52 +0000 Final---StoryBoard-1---LALAC final v2 [High-Res]

This comic is inspired from a common case of corruption in Lebanon and is part of the anti-corruption campaign launched by The Lebanese Transparency Association. There are 14 other comics that will follow and that you can check [Here].

For those who haven’t heard about LTA before, it is a Lebanese NGO that “focuses on curbing corruption and promoting the principles of good governance. LTA does not investigate or expose individual cases of corruption but advocates for reform by focusing on systemic improvement and by building coalitions with other anti-corruption stakeholders, including governments, the private sector and civil society organizations”.

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Haifa Wehbe’s Movie Pulled From UAE And Egypt Cinemas Sat, 19 Apr 2014 08:52:36 +0000 [YouTube]

Apparently the movie has caused an uproar in Egypt because of the sexually provocative scenes as well as a young boy’s infatuation with the character played by Wehbi. As for the UAE, Halawet Al Rooh’ was the third most-watched film in UAE cinemas before it was removed from cinemas on Thursday morning.

Has anyone seen the movie yet in Lebanon? Any feedback?

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Cool Easter Ads From Lebanon Sat, 19 Apr 2014 08:39:14 +0000 1939997_10152170172238052_2049170320592170232_n (1) Khoury Home

860964_662355697132980_5513245660854960151_o Yasa

10261979_10152152620386245_7775728008652182559_n Al Rifai

1601126_695022527202786_488679325557666523_n Exotica

10246500_628386543897955_3223467269352723083_n Patchi

883540_496612047042860_2130104489_o March Lebanon

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Excavation Underway For The New ABC in Verdun Sat, 19 Apr 2014 07:48:23 +0000 1538858_10152440700021349_1649079753167850961_n
via Amer

This picture was posted today by a friend of mine, showing where ABC Verdun will be located. I always dug out a couple of pictures showing how the land looked like before the excavation works begun.



To be honest, I am not really sure if we need yet another huge mall in Beirut, and even if we do, it would have been nicer to have a greener mall with a small park in front of it or surrounded by trees and greenery. ABC Verdun is expected to open in 2017.


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17-year old Lebanese Abdel-Ghani Ramadan Joins Manchester City’s Youth Program Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:31:10 +0000 304885_mainimg

Abdel-Ghani will be the first Lebanese player to represent a Premier League club. Back in December 2013, Manchester City signed a highly talented Swedish player of Lebanese origins called Zackarias Faour.

This is great news for Lebanese Football!

Manchester City have signed Abdel-Ghani Ramadan to their famed youth development program the Academy, making the youngster the first Lebanese player to represent a Premier League club, local newspaper Al-Liwaa reported.

The 17-year-old from the coastal town of Barja immigrated to Belgium at a young age before his football talents saw him sign for Greater Manchester side Ashton United. [DailyStar]

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Red Bull BC One Lebanon Cypher 2014 Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:04:48 +0000 1977378_10152011789786629_516080207_n

Red Bull BC One is an annual international B-Boy competition where candidates compete in one-on-one dancing battles. We have a lot of talented dancers in Lebanon yet only one of them will be crowned winner tomorrow and get to represent Lebanon at the Middle East & Africa Final held in Algeria.

I am probably going to attend so stay posted, if you are interested of course, as I will share pictures and videos on my Instagram. If you have time, drop by as it’s a lot of fun!

Here’s a video of the Red Bull BC One finale last year:


And one taken on the Saint Nicolas stairs in Achrafieh.


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Almaza has a new beer: The Radler Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:32:02 +0000 10005849_10152038407661762_661031453320736148_o

Almaza posted the teaser photo a couple of days ago but it looks like it’s already out. It’s called the Radler and it’s basically beer and lemon. I’ll pass by a supermarket today see if they got it and try it out. The last beer they released (Light Almaza) was quite good but I still prefer the original Almaza.

via Dany’s

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Lebanese Minister For The Environment Mohammad El Machnouk Orders Construction of Janna Dam To Stop Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:06:24 +0000 1497818_623019291087231_364228326369770225_o
By Adonis, The Jabal Moussa Reserve FB Page is referring to the Adonis Valley in Nahr Ibrahim

Back in July 2013, I posted about the Janna damn and asked if it was yet another scandal in the making, given that there was a report done by The German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources that strongly recommended not to go ahead with the construction of the planned Janneh dam. Moreover, a new report appeared recently explaining the dangers of building the Janna Dam that you can read [Here].

Having said that, Gebran Bassil, who was the Energy and Water Minister back then, decided back in 2013 to go ahead with the dam in Janna, claiming that the German report is wrong and basing himself on studies performed by Khatib & Alami, Artelia and Safege. However, the current Minister for the Environment Mohammad El Machnouk doesn’t seem convinced by Bassil’s reports and asked today the new Energy Minister to stop the Janna dam project in order to conduct further studies.

Honestly speaking, I think it’s better to put the project on hold for the time being and get different expert opinions on this matter. The new Energy minister should cooperate with the Environment Minister to form a committee of experts and take the right decision once the studies are out.

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Trailer: I’m Not A Martyr By Samah El Kadi Thu, 17 Apr 2014 10:00:26 +0000

Just like the 16-year-old student Mohammad el Chaar who died wasn’t looking to become a martyr, a lot of Lebanese weren’t willing to fight for any militia or any cause during the war and just wanted to live in peace with their families. I’m Not A Martyr is the story of a poet who tried to escape the Beirut war by taking shelter with his family in the mountains, only to find himself forced to join a local militia and take up arms.

I will be looking forward to seeing this movie. Based on what the press kit says, the release date will be around the start of next fall or winter.

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Woman Gives Birth on Zalka Highway Thu, 17 Apr 2014 07:46:26 +0000 [YouTube]

Isn’t there a couple of hospitals on the Zalka Highway? I wonder why she had to deliver on the road.

Thanks Mustapha!

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