Fingerprints records of all Lebanese leaked

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If we spent less time checking whether artists coming in Lebanon performed in Israel or not, and more time investigating the companies we entrust our data with, maybe then we would have figured out the partnership between a French Corporation “SAGEM” running the database of the fingerprint records of the Lebanese citizens and “Elbit”, an Israeli military company.

“I will take the necessary measures concerning the matter,” Charbel told As Safir newspaper.

What can be possibly done if the data was leaked? Ask the Israelis to give it back?

6 thoughts on “Fingerprints records of all Lebanese leaked

  1. ddoudz

    yes, we can do that, and we also can ask them to give us the list of international artists who performed in Israel so we can ban them from performing in Lebanon (and i think this might be a looonnngg list)

    PS: Don’t forget to say please 🙂 or they won’t do it

  2. Raghd

    Hmm.. The best way is to release all private data for everyone publicly, then everyone will have the not just a select few.. Anyone thinks we should have ministers in the government who understand technology and security?


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