Fireworks banned in Lebanon

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Interior Minister Marwan Charbel banned the use of firecrackers and restricted the use of fireworks in a statement carried by the National News Agency Monday. [More]

Does this decision remind you of any previous one? I really want to see how our new minister is gonna implement this law. Imagine cops running after little kids playing with firecrackers in every little town in Beirut to celebrate Ramadan. That’s gonna be fun.

4 thoughts on “Fireworks banned in Lebanon

  1. haissam

    I don’t think anyone would give a shit if its illegal now, since when do people follow rules in Lebanon anyways

  2. rima

    This is a step towards becoming more civilized. A step towards respecting other people’s right to peace and quiet, a step towards a safer environmnet….but if everone opposes this, then we are not ready to be civilized, respectful, and safe

  3. Ronman

    Are you going to tell me that the wedding venues can’t blow shit up anymore? Yeah right…i can;t confirm because i just left Lebanon a couple of weeks ago, for good. but my neighboor, Le Ciel has been an ongoing annoyance for years with its ridiculously loud fireworks, driving the whole of Zouk Mosbeh/Dbayeh mad, and no one could do a thing about it…I recall Ziad Baroud replying to me one day at 1:30 AM, “i will try my best”… that was 18 month before he resigned.


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