First Impression: The iPhone 5

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I was leaving the house this morning when I got a phone call from Xcite, a local electronics store here in Kuwait letting me know they received the new iPhone 5 and if I was interested in picking it up to check it out. Luckily traffic wasn’t that bad and I was over at their head office 15 minutes later picking up the phone.

The new iPhone 5 looks smaller than my iPhone 4s even though it’s taller. It looks very slick and slim while the iPhone 4s which I didn’t have a problem with an hour ago now looks pretty bulky sitting next to the iPhone 5 on my desk. I have the black iPhone 5 with me which is black all over including the side trimming which is what is also helping the iPhone 5 look smaller than it actually is.

Even though I was expecting the iPhone 5 to be light based on the reviews I read online, I wasn’t expecting it to feel this much lighter than the 4s. It’s really the first thing that grabbed my attention when I picked it up and it kinda feels like the phone is hollow on the inside. The second thing that grabbed my attention was the aluminum back of the phone. To me it doesn’t look or feel like aluminum but more like a plastic. I think it’s because I was expecting the metal to have some sort of texture which is doesn’t.

The iPhone 5 uses a new nano sim card which non of the Lebanese telecom providers have released yet. So right the now the only way to get the iPhone 5 working is by cutting up and sanding down your sim card to the size of the nano card. It’s not that difficult to do and you can watch the video below to see how.


9 thoughts on “First Impression: The iPhone 5

  1. Wael

    I don’t know why people care about latest technology. Personally I believe that the screen shouldn’t be more than 3.5″. There are some people ready to pay above 1000$ to get this iphone! This is insane.

  2. Rachelle

    Hey Mark,
    got my iphone5 in Canada , unlocked it and I am heading overseas. lebanese carriers still dont have the nano SIM, I am geting a regular lebanese chip SIM sent to me to canada will try to cut it and will let u know how it works. u make it sound so doable and it sounds like it is very easy 🙂

    1. Mark

      hey i’m sure the stores are already cutting the sims for their customers. its become pretty common in kuwait and its only been a week since the phone got released.


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