Fish Spa Therapy now in Beirut

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How about a mani or pedi from a fish? At the Argilab beauty center in Beirut, a customer undergoes fish spa therapy. Garra rufa, also known as the “doctor fish,” exfoliate hands, ankles, calves and feet. [Link]

What’s interesting is that this piece of news is listed under Hot topics on the Washington Post website.

Personally, i wouldn’t mind giving a try, but at most a foot therapy, definitly not a face therapy like that picture above.

14 thoughts on “Fish Spa Therapy now in Beirut

  1. Robin Scherbatsky

    I tried this in Malaysia, it’s the best feeling ever!! You have super soft hands and feet for a week! I can’t believe they’re opening here :D:D but where is this place?

  2. dany al massih

    plz can i see where is the place in lebanon i need to do a pedicure for my feet thx for your reply


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