Free Wifi at the Airport

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Hard to believe they finally made the wifi at the Beirut Airport free. What’s odd though is ABC which used to have free wifi, now no longer does.

8 thoughts on “Free Wifi at the Airport

  1. choura2yak

    Great, i have only found free wifi internet in DUBAI airport whereas it is not available in Doha or KualaLumpur, anyway that’s a good step hope that internet service improvement will move forward! as much as the internet service is Fast, reliable and cheap, we can create more business opportunities and attract more foreign investors in many significant sectors !

    1. Mark

      Right now Lebanon doesn’t have an internet speed problem, the problem in Lebanon is the extremely ridiculous and useless 5GB bandwidth limit.

      If you had 1000000Mbps in Lebanon right now it would be fucking useless because of your download limit.

      1. haissam

        I’d say Lebanon still has a shitload of issues with speed. You have to take into account the line’s latency, which is absolutely khara in Lebanon. A good line should have a ping of 15-25, Lebanon is nowhere near that number. Unless fiber optic is deployed, the speed and latency will always be an bad. We have the international bandwidth, but our current infrastructure is pretty bad and will never allow the underwater cables’ full potential to be used.

      2. haissam

        Forgot to add, Current caps are in place because the network is overused. Allowing everyone to use their connections at full capacity all the time will cause a network-fart of epic proportions.

  2. David

    If the Wifi isn’t working at the gate, try another area. Wifi wouldn’t connect at gate 8 but works at cafematik.

    Also, if you want to reconnect after the 30 minute time limit google instructions for “changing your MAC address”. 🙂


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