Gas crisis in Lebanon is real

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We all thought there were only speculations this time as well, but the gas crisis is real and is happening. I don’t know what planet LBC is living in, as they claim only 20% of gas stations are closed and there’s barely any traffic in the open ones.

My brother went to fill up the car this morning and all 7 stations he visited refused to fill up gas. Funny thing is that the foreign workers in the still operational gas stations are now working like bouncers we find in night clubs whereas they pick whomever they want and deny others.

All this because of the stubbornness of a minister and an antique political system that still relies on the government to regulate fuel prices.

6 thoughts on “Gas crisis in Lebanon is real

  1. Robin Scherbatsky

    Best thing in Lebanon: waiting for hours in your car in front of the as station and finally not being to fill it up for more than 20 thou!!

    btw Raya el Hassan agreed to drop the gas price 5000L.L.

  2. Ronman

    This morning’s hype seems too orchestrated to me, drained the tanks to fill on new prices so they don’t loose much, or make the most before they drop the prices.

    i filled my tanks on schedule today because i can’t care less for they’re F^&%$ tactics. now, can i have my 10 thou back?

    BTW, it’s not Al Hassan’s role to agree or to disagree the pres gave the nod (literally), she is doing that reluctantly, what her, and the other liberal conservative economists our dear country has would prefer that we the people keep paying the bills while the squander our money without any concrete moves in order to make any meaningful changes.

    the miss the point that Fuel in Lebanon should not be used to prop up the entire economy just because Lebanese people are prisoners to the fact that Fuel is essential.

    we do not have an integrated transport system, and no one since 1992 has made even close as to what you might call a valiant effort in making a transport grid the daily commuter can rely on. so you need to have a car, and that car will not run if fuel is scarce or overpriced, disregarding the level of income.

    the whole transport system in Lebanon, down to the mecanique fees is completely out of whack and antiquated.

    so 3200, or 5000 it’s not enough, the real deal is to just levy a 5% tax at best on the liter of gas and try to create jobs and an environment that is healthy for proper investment and create properly valued jobs, that’s how you make an economy thrive, not by sucking the life out of everyone through their pockets. Automobiles are and should be a symbol of freedom, not suppression and theft.

  3. Robin Scherbatsky

    On another note, is there an email address associated with this blog where readers can send suggestions/complaints?

  4. Joe

    @Ronman well said, just what i had on mind
    its sad that we done have a normal transportation system, my work is a 12 mins ride in the car, and yet i dont have any other way except going in my car….if there were to be a transportation system i would be the first to use it since it would or at least should be less expensive that going in my V6 everyday

  5. Moe

    I believe that all this gas crisis was more of a well orchestrated drama than a real crisis. Knowing that gas price was to be decreased, they invented this shortage story to create panic among ppl so that they would go and fill their cars at the high price before it drops!
    anything goes in lebanon !

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