Gas Stations in Lebanon already on strike?

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I was reading yesterday that gas stations are planning on going on strike next week. It seems they could not wait a week as there were only few gas stations open today and those open were not filling up more than 30,000 LL.

I took this picture at the Total gas station on the maritime road facing City Mall and next to Pier 7.

6 thoughts on “Gas Stations in Lebanon already on strike?

  1. Rob

    as if gas stations are not making enough money pff, the people should be on strike which are in coma and NOT them, look at the bright side at least we save some money staying home, its no disaster its a way for us to “boycott”
    in your previous post u said that the minister is lying well he isnt now he’s not signing the new prices now look what’s happening the gas stations(mafias) are on strike and obliging him to sign, when he does they are going to say the minister is lying, if he doesnt they are going to blame him for all the crisis so WHATEVER he does ppl are going to blame him instead of blaming those mafias 😉

  2. Sami

    It is because they are out of stock ! yesterday the minister didn’t sign the new price list. The strike next week, from the 2nd of April till the 4th is for the fuel distribution companies.Plus, gas stations only have a profit margin of 1.500 LBP for each 20 litres sold ! The majority of the profit goes for the government because fuel is double taxed, once by the customs and then by the VAT

  3. Rob

    if the gas stations are not making money, then y there is a gas station every 20 meters ? and the number is growing, so this means that they ARE making money or else they wouldn’t grow in numbers this much
    1500 margin is enough for them “w bezyedeh 3a ra2beton”
    so its the ministry of finances fault for doubling the taxes and NOT the ministry of energy’s just saying

  4. Scirocc0

    1500 LL lalli 3endoun damir welli mabyel3abo bl 3edded 😉
    hole l mafia bya3mlo aktar mn 1500LL li 3eddin 7aloun mazloumin
    kamen just saying 🙂

  5. Johnny

    It is a problem on both ways, when the minister of energy signs and refuses to sign.
    not signing does not solve the problem, contrary to what most of you were saying in a last post.


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