Ghadi Darwish: The First Lebanese Baby Born Without A Sect

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Nidal Darwiche and Kholoud Succariyeh had a baby boy over the weekend, the first Lebanese baby registered with the sect field left blank. President Sleiman congratulated the couple and the Lebanese people as a whole.

Next step is setting up a proper law for civil marriages so we have many more Ghadis.

The first child in a civil marriage wedding in Lebanon was born last month, his parents announced over the weekend.
Nidal Darwiche and Kholoud Succariyeh posted a photo of their son Ghaddi’s registration form Saturday, with the “sect” field left blank, on their Facebook pages. He was born on September 30.
President Michel Sleiman congratulated the couple in a message posted on Twitter late Sunday. “Congratulations to Nidal and Kholoud and to the Lebanese people for the birth of Ghaddi, the first newborn to be registered without a sect,” Sleiman wrote. [DailyStar]

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  1. Roger

    Congratulations Ghadi, wish you a long happy life wherever you grow up and live and equally important I wish you get the right to vote in Lebanon or be elected to public office despite having no official sect


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