Ghandy al-Sahmarani

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I was going through the news when i noticed that some guy called al-Sahmarani was killed in a Palestinian camp in Lebanon. I checked out his first name, turns out it’s Ghandy.

Ya m3attar ya Ghandy!

6 thoughts on “Ghandy al-Sahmarani

  1. Johnny.B

    btw .. he’s not dead, it’s just a new method of getting terrorists out of sight, so they get to do their work in secret 😉

  2. friskies

    johnny this is really itnriguing.

    in fact, i was thinking about it the other day when i read an peice of news in some newspaper mocking information they received from a European source about a person with the last name Awad preparing for bombs targetting the UNIFIL. Our newspaper, with much satire, reminded them that he died around 2 years ago.

    Well, what if he hasn’t?

  3. ahmad

    Sahmarani Gandhi was killed at the hands of supporters of the League had been found on the brothel and was Gandhi Sahmarani Hama fighting corruption one of his governors to the young Gandhi Sahmarani or elements of Gandhi Sahmarani and said to him there in the camp, Ein el-Hilweh a prostitution ring, which manages the scent Network
    Be the daughter of his brother to Abu Urdo Al Ansar, “said Gandhi Sahmarani that I want the user to be prosecuted scent crumbs and you are still young in the directory video sound and picture went Gandhi Sahmarani says Abu Obeida daughter of your brother do such and such did not believe Abu slaves he saw the video and he is afraid of the scandal were killed Gandhi Sahmarani so as not to expose the Abu Obeida


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