Great news for Lebanese guys!

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According to this long article on blood diamonds by Al-Akhbar’s Patrick Galey, “it is highly likely – although impossible to prove – that Lebanese consumers are inadvertently funding the Israeli Army through diamond purchases made in boutiques in Beirut”. As one expert on the diamond trade put it to Al-Akhbar, Israeli diamonds “are no doubt flowing into Lebanon,” unbeknownst to jewelers.” [Full Article]

This being said, we should no longer buy overpriced tiny pieces of diamonds as we may be funding the enemy. Long live Zircon lol!

10 thoughts on “Great news for Lebanese guys!

  1. The Razor

    I am really happy because you shared this Article because reading it, I felt that everyone in Lebanon should read it. Please also follow the Link on the 2004 ban on Lebanon. I remember back then very well when Hariri got the deal about Russian diamonds, and everybody said that Israelis will not stay quite about it.

  2. A

    but how will my girlfriend know how much i love her if i don’t spend 2 months’ salaries to buy one piece of shiny rock that is worth nothing in the big picture???

  3. Maha

    I didnt understand the link with Hariri … Bahaeddine struck a contract with Russia and Lahoud put sticks in his wheels to stop it that i got, but how did that bother or benefit israel? Since its with russia … fi shi ma fhemto …

      1. Razor

        Hariri back then won over the Israeli competitors. He took the deal from them, and I remember exactly that I read somewhere back then that Hariri struck the Israelis under the belt and that they will not forgive him for that


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