Green Rooftops for a Greener Beirut

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Conjuring images of the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Melki’s company StudioInvisible propose to apply their project on an enormous scale. They plan to make everyone, “by force, if necessary”, plant a couple of trees on their rooftops, in a way that is “accessible, cheap and easily maintained.”

I think this is a great idea! I am not sure if the Beirut municipality will approve it, and even if it does so, if it will be able to force building owners and real estate companies to implement it.

You can read more about it [Here].

5 thoughts on “Green Rooftops for a Greener Beirut

  1. K

    Its a great concept. Its implemented in toronto and works great. Insulates buildings, provides drainage assistance, and cleans up some of the deadly smog.

  2. Wassim

    First of all thanks for sharing the story, please join our Facebook page on the following link.

    Second, we are working on getting the trees offered to the residents, through NGOs, Banks, Sponsors and even international organizations or whomever is willing to fund such a project, wether it’s individuals or groups of people. So the risk of a politician monopolizing the tree supply is already eradicated.

    thank you.


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