Gretta Taslakian (unjustly) banned from The Olympic Village

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According to an article from L’Orient-Le Jour, Lebanese athlete Gretta Taslakian was banned from the Olympic Village in London for wearing the Irish team’s uniform during a training session and flew back to Lebanon on Tuesday.

L’Orient-Le Jour contacted Gretta who denied that she was wearing the Irish uniform and said it was simply a green Nike jacket. She added that she still has the jacket and it has nothing to do with the Irish team except the color maybe.

Now the interesting part is that Gretta’s coach, Vahé Abrahamian who is still in London, apparently informed the Olympic committee that Gretta was indeed wearing Ireland’s uniform during a training session and showed them pictures. I don’t have any of the pictures but why the hell would a coach do something like that? Why didn’t he simply inform her that she shouldn’t be wearing the uniform or a jacket of the same color?

Last but not least, so what if she wore another country’s uniform? Doesn’t that fall under the “Olympic spirit” slogan? I don’t recall that happening in any of the previous Olympics. Actually according to L’Orient-Le Jour, it may be the first time ever an athlete is banned for such a reason. They also pointed out on how the Kenyan runner Kemboi, winner of the 3000m race, wore the French uniform while parading around the stadium and no measures were taken against him.

Gretta is a great athlete and has won gold medals for Lebanon in Asian and Arabic tournaments and deserves much better than that!

Read the full article [Here]

PS: Antoine Chartier, president of the Lebanese Olympic delegation, did not yet comment on the matter.

10 thoughts on “Gretta Taslakian (unjustly) banned from The Olympic Village

  1. Desmond Bey

    That’s a strange story….I believe there is a lot more behind it than is being said.
    Why on Earth would your own trainer take pictures of you supposedly doing something wrong?
    No way would wearing another team’s jacket get you kicked out – if you have accreditation then you can wear what you want as long as you’re not competing.

  2. Desmond Bey

    Bribed to do what? She committed no crime. Sounds like the coach is a man scorned – made advances to her, she refused, he got pissed off and acted like a 3-year old.

  3. Michele

    This is totally wrong; Her coach is happily married with a new baby born.

    And from what I know he’s been training Gretta for the last 7 or 6 years and they have a strong bond together.

    I’m sure there’s more to that and i guess we should wait until we get the full story.

    1. Desmond Bey

      If the story as it is written is to be believed, then there is no bond between them and something is seriously wrong.

      And as a side note, when has being “happily married with a newborn baby” ever stopped a man from straying or at the very least, trying his luck?

      1. Michele

        Desmond he knows Gretta for 7 years now; if he was interested in her, he would have tempted something with her long time ago.

        I do admit that I find it weird for him to raise such a report knowing that he was so proud of her and always considered Gretta as his little sister.

        However we still have to wait and see until we hear from him as well.

  4. lila

    Bribed for money desmond ,everyone is corrupt these days in Lebanon ,so if it turns out that way,I’m not surprised


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