17 thoughts on “Haifa on Twitter

    1. nadine

      you mean “plastic” kinda hot?? i may sound jealous, but anyone, i mean ANYONE, would look hot after the number of plastic surgeries she’s had.. :)) (even me :)))

      1. KM

        @ nadine: ma tefta7e beb 3ala 7alik, ur getting us all curious & now we wana knw how u look like.
        (notice the twitter imitation… slick :P)

        back to the subject, hot is hot, wether plastic or natural the end result is that she looks amazing. mind u that some girls look hidious due to looking plastic & vise versa so the issue is not the operations, it is the end result… & I dont thk haifa did a lot of them btw…

        1. Aa

          There was a time when you could say she looks good, but that was back in 2005-2006. Those were her prime years. Now she looks hideous.In her latest interview her face looks destroyed and droopy and just plain old from years of botox and plastic surgeries.

  1. Fadi

    Didn’t know what all the big hype was about when she first came out .. but know I get it.. she’s the Lebanese version Kim Kardashian.. good for her.

      1. jeff

        What’s that have to do with the price of eggs dude? They are both beautiful…Although Kim can kick Haifa’s “ass” any day.:P


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